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Basic Digital Photography  -   Thursday April 2, 2009

Presenter: Mike Tokue

This well attended meeting included many new participants
at the TPC monthly meeting. Everyone wanted to hear, and
in some cases share, advice on how to get the most out of
their digital photography experience.

Mike’s first recommendation was a practical use for the
digital camera. Since today’s models are capable of such
high resolution, document everything! Use the camera to make
a copy of important documents and to make a record
identifying valuables and property. It takes just a
little time and can potentially reduce the hassles when
things are lost or stolen.

Mike stressed the flexibility of working with the
digital format. What the camera captures is often
not presentable right out of the box. However with
an off-the-shelf digital photo editing program it
is possible to make dramatic improvements to the
picture by making adjustments to the brightness,
saturation, contrast, etc.. Mike was able to
demonstrate the use of many of the tools with
a photo taken of an audience member.

There was a lively discussion on the pros and cons
of some of the popular photo hosting services on
the web , such as , flickr and google.

Mike’s closing recommendation:
The more pictures you take the better you get at
developing a critical eye for what makes a good

The meeting was promoted on the TPC website “Upcoming Events”
and on the TPC mailing list with the following description :

Our dynamic club VIVP (very important VP) Mr. Mike Tokue will share his expertise in digital photography
covering the basics, shooting, manipulation, storage, & web galleries.

Topics will include:
What to Shoot, Why shoot, How to shoot.
How to make that Photo Pop!
Having Fun with your Photos.
How best to make use of free web galleries.

Please come with all your digital photo questions for Mike, who obviously has a real passion for this field.
Mike’s Flickr photo sets:

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