Thursday June 4, 2009 - Logo Design Techniques

Presenter:  Michael Buma

What’s in the making of a logo?
Some creativity to give the viewer a powerful image
and effective tools to render the image. The software
package that Michael Buma introduced to those attending
this meeting is called GB Logos . For a modest purchase
price the user gets a focused application that offers the
support and speed necessary for the design process.
There is a large library of images, objects and
fonts included along with plug-ins to create special effects
such as color gradients, text jitter and watery looking surfaces.
Using the GB Logos software Michael aptly produced many
examples of logos that were suitable for maps, business card and
letter heads. In short, if logos are what you need, this software
enables the creation of logo designs without the need for
high priced packages with feature over-load.

The meeting was promoted on the TPC website “Upcoming Events”
and on the TPC mailing list with the following description :

Thursday June 4, 2009 - Logo Design Techniques

Presenter:  Michael Buma

Mastering programs like Photoshop and Illustrator can literally take hours
or even days of time, so thank goodness for easier software options specifically
designed with only the minimum functions you need and with a user-friendly interface.

One such program is GB Logos, an innovative and easy to use product that makes
it possible for any business owner to design professional business logos, create
advertisements, design nice page headers for a website and other identifying
graphics in just minutes. The easy-to-use features of GB Logos include hundreds
of fully modifiable logo templates and objects categorized by industry and interest,
high quality graphical engine, creative tools and special effects.

TPC member Michael Buma will share his knowledge and experience with GB Logos and
answer your questions regarding logo design techniques.  He is originally from
Salt Lake City, Utah and has over 10 years experience in applications and network
engineering, including having worked for both Intel and Toyo Engineering. 
Michael is a recognized expert in ASP.NET, and is presently involved in CAD software
marketing and IT consulting services, as well as serving our TPC club in the capacity
of corporate liaison and assisting with the website redesign efforts.

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