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Panarama of October 2002 Meeting

Past Meetings

February 2003 Meeting

Sako Eaton explained a little bit about what PHP is, what it does, where it fits on the spectrum of Web technologies, and how it works, providing a few examples along the way.

Then, Nick Edmeades presented a basic tutorial on how to set up and use PHP/MySQL in Windows. For those really interested in getting started with PHP, the complete tutorial (17MB) can be downloaded from:

January 2003 Meeting

Thanks to Richard and Tracy Northcott for their in-depth presentation of Enfour's information packed web site on the Japanese language and lifestyle in Japan. Find out how to access it on your phone at the Enfour site.

Nic Edmeades talked about his Internet venture business One-Handed Apps ( Currently, OHA offers services such as personal expense tracking, personal information Management and web-triggered telephone services. He demonstrated his call-back service for mobile phones which can save users money by offering a less expensive way of calling abroad from your mobile phone.

Here are some photographs of the meeting.

October 2002 Meeting

Congratualtions to the following people who were elected as the clubs officers for the next year:

  • Barbara Manning - President
  • Sako Eaton - Vice President
  • Tony Whitman - Treasurer
Thanks also Barbara Manning who gave an entertaining and fact-filled presentation and promoted audience discussion on the topic of PC viruses. Here you can download the PowerPoint presentation (zipped) which contains lots of useful links to sources of information on viruses. You can also see some photographs of the meeting.

September 2002 Meeting

Chris Barker gave an overview of what a firewall can and can not do in meeting your security needs. Scott Harlow followed up with a presentation explaining how Spyware that you may have agreed to in one of those lengthy software license agreements can track your actions and threaten your privacy. Scott prepared a list of Spyware Resources which is available online.

August 2002 Meeting

Mauro Sauco of the Tokyo Linux Users Group gave an extremely informative, highly fanatical, and largely unbiased introduction to the Linux OS and demonstrated an easy installation. The audience were more than happy to stay on beyond the normal meeting end time and the eight copies of his Linux installation he had were snapped up before you could say 'blue screen of death'.

He has made the slides and links from the presentation available on the web.

July Events

It has been a very busy month of TPC events. In addition to the regular meeting, there has been:

  • a tour of NTT Communications
  • a special meeting with a presentation by Envivio about MPEG-4
  • a day trip to Odaiba

July 2002 Meeting

Mr. Saruwatari and Mr. McDonald discussed CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and demonstrated how they use it at, a division of Planetworks which offers on demand translation and concierge services via telephone for foreigners in Japan using the technology.

There was also a description of the inexpensive Yahoo!BB Phone service.

June 2002 Meeting

The big PDA Showcase drew a huge crowd to hear from experts on their favorite devices. Ulrich Plate of the Zaurus Otaku Kurabu explained the two very different Zaurus families. The local Zaurus series has excellent Japanese character recognition and dictionaries available. Overseas they are selling a unit that externally looks the same, but inside is an ARM processor running Linux and the Qtopia front-end. Andrew Shuttleworth a PocketPC devotee showed off a pair of WindowsCE devices. Mike Kato recounted the history of the Palm devices. Ken Cotton explained why the battery life and expansion slots make the HandEra his tool of choice.

Read the meeting announcement and download the meeting slides:

Sharp's Zaurus (PDF,0.94MB)
Pocket PC Useful Links (PPT,11K)

Barbara Manning was the lucky winner of a brand new HandEra 330, a PalmOS handheld which features a great screen and dual expansion slots for storage and memory. Our thanks to the folks at HandEra!

Read the newsgroup for discussion and news on the latest PDA developments in Japan and worldwide.

May 2002 Meeting

Kathleen McMahon of Westport Communications described wireless PHS services, including Air H" and b-mobile. She predicts these technologies will lay the foundation for wireless Internet to become an essential tool for mobile employees and individuals with mobile lifestyles. McMahon established Westport Communications with intent to "take the best, nationwide, wireless solutions and get those services into the hands of micro-market PC-users in Japan, including foreigners who otherwise may find the whole process shrouded in complexity." Find out more about their services on their new web site at

April 2002 Java SIG Meeting

Andy Clark came prepared with 250 slides and a wealth of information on XML. After a introducing XML syntax he expertly talked through DTDs and Schemas.
Check out the TPC JAVA SIG web page with information about future Java SIG meetings.

April 2002 Meeting

Paul Consalvi from Next Unit presented their Content Management System (CMS) which allows companies to build highly interactive corporate websites which can be easily updated and managed in house by staff with no knowledge of HTML or any programming language. Next Unit also uses CMS to build solutions such as the Worldnooks Marketing Solution. Worldnooks is a highly interactive family of websites which includes, and

Robert Ocampo from OptiView described their web content optimization products and acceleration services. OptiView products intelligently optimize images and speed web page download times with the aim of decreasing bandwidth costs and improving the end-user experience.

Computer Troubleshooting Workshop

On Sunday, March 10th, the TPC and DigitalEve Japan teamed up to offer a workshop for people experiencing problems with their computer. A group of intrepid volunteer experts provided pointers at the Radio:on:studio in Aoyama.

March 2002 Meeting

Justin Ellis of Sony Marketing presented their lifestyle portal for Japan's English speaking community and talked about their plans for the future. Masa Nakada demo'd Sony's very popular Aibo who did some dancing, but was a little too shy to take photographs as planned.

  • from-hanna PowerPoint presentation (700KB)
  • Aibo PowerPoint presentation (435KB) This presentation material is protected by copyright. Please seek permission from Sony ERC before redistributing.

Bob McDonald of ( spoke about personalizing your internet experience with your own domain name, and gave one away to a lucky attendee. (Second chance in the newsletter if you read this in time).

February 2002 Meeting

Serious gamers Sam Julien, Andrew Hayes, and Sajjad Zaidi demonstrated what makes a good PC a great game machine. They built a network of power machines in the meeting hall and showed the state of the art in multiplayer gaming in the "first person shooter" realm. Everyone interested got to take their turn at fragging or being cannon fodder. Mike Lloret gave everyone a glimpse of a modern role-playing game.

And special thanks to Justin Gardner for hauling in a huge stack of equipment, including the monitors used during the "network party." Five 17" monitors were auctioned off to members very reasonably, along with a few computer systems. Thanks to Barbara Manning for arranging the deal!

Click here to see some photos and the cool video. Many thanks to Andy for providing these.

January 2002 Meeting

Tom Sato, President of Tokyo IPO described some of 2001's dramas and speculated on some 2002 prospects for the Japanese IPO Market.

Greg Glassman, of Linc Media talked about the TPC's new Java Special Interest Group, gave a brief introduction to the Java language, and talked about Linc's Java Development company Layer-8 Technologies and what they have planned for Japan's Wireless industry in the near future. (A copy of his PowerPoint presentation is available.)

December 2001 Meeting

Bernard Yu of Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL) described the many services they provide. He outlined their current network and described some of the frustrations of the current system and some things they would like to do in the future.

Christmas Party

The giant Christmas Party sponsored by TPC, Code-J, ICA, and the International Women in Communications was a hit with the attendees. Ho, ho, ho.

November 2001 Meeting

Patrick Lovell and Barbara Manning gave an introductory overview of the challenges of the commercial printing process. The presentations and references are available. Take a look at the photographs.

Work In Tokyo '01

The TPC was one of the joint organizers of the Work In Tokyo career fair.

October 2001 Meeting

Rodney Webster of ValueClick Japan presented 'What Makes The Internet Click?'(zip), a presentation on the infrastructure and business of online advertising.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers who have stepped forward to help the club.

And thanks to Past-President Andrew Shuttleworth for his work and leadership over the past year.

September 2001 Meeting

A well-attended meeting, with lots of new faces, heard three panelists describe their Internet companies and experience, and their views about where Japan's internet scene is going now.

Tim Romero, Founder of Vanguard
Business at Usual? - The real winners in Japan's e-business revolution
PowerPoint presentation (1.6MB zip file)
Tim Clark, Senior Manager, Strategy, Ion Global and author of the Japan Internet Report
SIPS Survivor - An inside look at the Strategic Internet Professional Services (SIPS) industry in Japan
PowerPoint presentation (156kB zip file)
Tom Foley, Chairman & C.E.O., Silver Egg Technology
Taking it Personal - Using AI to respond individually to online customers
PowerPoint presentation (389kB zip file)

August 2001 Meeting

Martin Ott, Co-Founder and CEO of Eken K.K. described his company's web sites: Eken, a consumer community that lets its users share their experience and opinion on any product or service and Moterukai which is a simple and fun entertainment site where you can flip through other people's pictures and rate their looks.

July 2001 Meeting

Technocraft demonstrated Roboword a no click translation tool. People at the meeting had the opportunity to buy Roboword V5 at a special price.

The meeting also featured an auction of members' surplus equipment, software, and books allowing a lot of fine junk to change hands.

June 2001 Meeting

fusionOne demonstrated their Internet Sync technology that allows sharing all of your various PIM data across your office and home PCs, handheld PDAs, mobile phone, and web desktops.

Shin'nichi Electronics demonstrated the Castlewood ORB removeable media drive that holds up to 2.2 GB on cartridge. They also showed of the tiny USB ThumbDrive and gave away two to lucky members.

May 2001 Meeting

Todd Rudick wowed the audience with a demonstraton of His web site serves as a web mediator that can transform a normal web page into one that includes pop-up boxes containing Japanese or English word translations appear when you hold your mouse over the words you don't know. also includes a number of Japanese study tools.

Professor Jim Breen of Monash University described his work with underlying dictionary projects, including EDICT and the WWWJDIC server with glossing and Kanji lookup and study tools and his future plans for the dictionaries.

April 2001 Meeting

Mark Devlin of Crisscross KK described his new venture into producing an online English newspaper called Japan Today. Australian entrepreneur Terrie Lloyd described how he is building LINC Media by finding common elements in Daijob (a jobs site), J@pan Inc. (foreign investment), and Layer 8 (software infrastructure).

March 2001 Meeting

A variety of experts discussed some of the many aspects of Internet security. Alan Broderick, MD, of Sophos talked about Anti-virus Software and How to Prevent Virus Infection. LAN and Personal Firewalls and Cryptography was the topic of the presentation by Chris Barker. And John Kirch and Coletta LaCombe of WatchGuard Technologies. described Security in Japan.

February 2001 Meeting

The February meeting described how IEEE 802.11 wireless networking can simplify your network setup in your home or office. Aaron Gabrielson of Adcore and Atsushi Kobayashi of Buffalo Japan (MELCO) explained how it all fit together. Copies of each of the presentations in PowerPoint format are available:

January 2001 Meeting

Richard Northcott, founder and CEO of the Enfour Group gave a great presentation covering Enfour's activities in the PDA scene starting from back in history with Apple Newton up to his take on what the future holds. He talked about the strengths of the EPOC operating system and how it will compete with alternative operating systems for mobile devices, as well as touching on other technologies we can expect to see in the near future such as Bluetooth and SynchML. He showed off Psion's current range of devices and gave hints about what we might be seeing later this year, as well as talking about the other things Enfour is doing or has planned, including an interesting sounding i-mode site (Watch this space!). Finally he fielded a wide range of questions from the audience giving insightful personal views on the market based on his vast experience. The first question from the audience was 'are you public company' from a new would be investor, which says it all.

December 2000 Meeting

Alexander Schonfeld impressed the audience with a demonstration of his shareware JquickTrans, an integrated Japanese dictionary, study system and simple translation aid. This tool for Windows-based PCs makes maintains study lists of frequently looked up words and does instant clipboard lookups of copied text, complete with kanji breakdowns.

Andrew Shuttleworth will also talked about his recent visit to COMDEX and the associated APCUG Fall Conference in Las Vegas. He showed some video and distributed a suitcase full of T-Shirts, demo software, and magazines that he lugged back from the US.

November 2000 Meeting

Wizcom Technologies, Ltd.

Mike Kato of Wizcom Technologies demonstrated their series of handheld scanners that function as dictionaries, translation aids, and electronic highlighters. English OCR with translation to other languages (including Japanese) is available now, with Japanese to English becoming available next year.


Martin Moser of Hybris gave a quick deomstration of their online shop creation software.

October 2000 Meeting

The Annual General Meeting elected new officers for the coming year:

  • President: Andrew Shuttleworth
  • Vice President: Andrew Hayes
  • Treasurer: Tony Whitman

There was also an auction of some members' equipment.

September 2000 Meeting

Robert Altena presented a brief overview of XML. He explained the basics, what it is, and how it differs from HTML and demonstrated how it can be used, giving an insight as to how it will change the future of web publishing. This was a very clear and informative introductory guide on a topic of great significance to the future of the Internet.

Go Hirano, Vice President Operations and CEO of Tokyo Metallic and former NTT employee gave a fascinating insight into his company's activities establishing an ASDL infrastructure and services in Tokyo. Not only was this a great overview of how these services work and how the infrastructure is being built, but also an exclusive insight into the politics of the Japanese telecoms market from someone on the inside who knows how things work. Promising to roll out the company's services as fast as possible so we can all benefit from higher speed Internet connections, he was cheered from the floor at the end of his presentation. He also offered 1 month's free access to TPC members who attended the meeting that evening.

August 2000 Meeting

Globalization is a hot topic as the number of Internet users worldwide skyrockets. A trio of speakers explained software tools targeted at different aspects of making software and web sites multilingual.

Andrew Shuttleworth of SDL International briefly reviewed some tools for maintaining multilingual web sites and described some of the problems in localizing software. rICh morrow of, described Multi-lingual web site development methodologies and presented the Multi-lingual Development Kit (MDK), used to build and maintain Klemens Loeffler of Trados Japan K.K. demonstrated translation memory technology, a tool framework for remembering paragraphs, sentences, and words that a skilled human has translated before, and suggesting them when similar text needs to be translated again to both streamline and improve the consistency of the translation process.

July 2000 Meeting

Thanks to David Wright, Andrew Hayes, Chris Painter, Ken Cotton, and Mike Kato who led a varied group of roundtable discussions and demonstrations on handheld and mobile computing technology. There were Handspring Visor, Palm, TRG Super Pilots, Pocket PCs in both English and Japanese, and a variety of highly portable machines from Psion. The group demonstrated a number of wireless connectivity adjuncts including the PHS P-in card (in either PC Card or Compact Flash form factors) and IR connectivity to the Nokia iMode cellular phone.

June 2000 Meeting

Hook Up, Inc. demonstrated Sonic Foundry's amazing collection of products for audio capture, editing, creation, and recording. Hook Up is a leading Japanese software publisher and vendor for audio and video products, and they are the local distributor for Sonic Foundry.

The ACID series of music creation software, enable even a beginner to create original music by looping sound samples. Sonic Foundry bundles a basic software package with sample kits, including rock, hip-hop, jazz, and DJ sample packages. Sonic Foundry also has a very impressive ACID user community site, called AcidPlanet, where users share information, audio clips, loops, and other items.

May 2000 Meeting

George Ruiz of Internet Think Tank, Inc. talked about Bluetooth and the emergence of Personal Area Networks. Bluetooth is an emerging technology that spontaneously networks people and devices within close proximity. The Bluetooth Consortium is supported by the likes of Motorola, Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Toshiba and many others.

April 2000 Meeting

Three people described and demonstrated Windows 2000 for a large and interested audience. Robert Altena described some of the new Windows 2000 features of interest on the desktop and to developers (Powerpoint slides). TENTUG Founder Don Austin detailed some of the features of the server versions, and how they can simplify enterprise network administration. TPC Vice President Andrew Hayes rushed to explain some of the multilingual features that go beyond just a global IME, but add the infrastructure to enable future applications to be multi-lingual.

March 2000 Meeting

Thanks to former TPC President Bill Auckerman who ably moderated a panel discussion on the various options for IT jobs in Japan. The panelists included Tanya Clark, Mark Stoneman, and Angelina Wang. They discussed a wide range of topics from picking a good recruiter, to basic interviewing skills, to the opportunities in the booming start-up field in Japan.

February 2000 Meeting

Rick Rettig of REACH Telemanagement thanked everyone for testing their unified messaging solution and introduced some of the new features being added to their SOHO solutions.

Larry Owens of Pinnacle Systems demonstrated some of their latest PC video hardware, including easy to connect USB and parallel port solutions for home video editing.

January 2000 Meeting

The club held an informal auction of members' equipment. A lot of goodies found new homes.

TPC, ICA, and CODE-J Christmas Party

On December 15th, TPC joined up with ICA and CODE-J to put on a big Christmas party at the trendy Nolita Street Apartment in Harajuku. If you weren't one of the more than 250(!) people that joined in, TPC's Multimedia Director, Austin Hicks, has put together a collage of photos from this huge bash.

December 1999 Meeting

Several of the executives reviewed their trip to Fall COMDEX (US) and the Association of Personal Computer User Groups meeting. President Mike Kato has made his presentation available online.

November 1999 Meeting

Thanks to Daniel Saito for answering many questions on computer and Internet security. He has provided several links which provide further information on this hot topic.

The club officers also discussed the existing positions, opportunities for additional contributions by club members, and goals for the coming year.

October General Meeting Election Results

Congratulations to the new officers elected at the October meeting! Thanks for stepping up to help the club.

President:Mike Kato
Vice President:Andrew Hayes
Treasurer:Tony Whitman

And a special thanks to Past President Ken Cotton for all of his work over the past year in helping the club grow.

Joichi ITO gave a wide ranging talk on the status and future of the Internet in Japan.

September 15th Akihabara Tour

Thanks to TPC's Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler, for leading 20 of us through a windy and drizly Akihabara in the never-ending search for bargains.

September 1999 Meeting

Shun Maki of Digital Canvas gave an interesting talk on the Evolution of Search Engines. He explained some of the newer algorithms that attempt to improve search usability. One engine that he recommended was Google.

Rick Rettig of Reach Telemanagement described the services they are providing that give you a "universal inbox" for voicemail and faxes which are delivered to your Email account. Audience members were invited to sign up for a free month's trial service and to provide feedback on how the service could be improved after the system goes live on September 15th.

August 1999 Meeting

The Great Presenter

Philip Deane and Kevin Reynolds from Globalinx demonstrated The Great Presenter! This CD-ROM based software package enables non-native speakers to learn presentation skills and create international business presentations.

Rainer Mager demonstrated VMware, an amazing virtual platform that gives you multiple virtual machines each with isolation and security on a single PC.

TPC Multimedia Director Austin Hicks gave a brief demonstration of livepictures' "PhotoVista" for putting together panorama digital pictures.

July 1999 Meeting

Practical LANs

Andrew Hayes and Jerry Lounsbery of CVi Corporation described how to get your machines connected beyond the dark ages of "SneakerNet." They told us about the hardware nuts and bolts of putting a network together, the software you need to take advantage of it, and some of the benefits and pitfalls involved. For those wondering how to put together a LAN for your home or small office this meeting was a great starter.

Thanks to Anthony Walter of Caliburn for bringing a pair of Powerbooks, and thanks also to Apple Computer for kindly lending us one of the new PowerBook G3 machines to run Windows95 during the demonstration. Thanks to CVI Corp for supplying enough T-shirts to clothe a large portion of the audience, and congratulations to Kumiko Yanagisawa who won the network starter kit from the club.

June 1999 Meeting

Our thanks to Theresa W. Carey who described offline and online methods for managing and investing your money.

Read Theresa's notes on her presentation.

TPC member Austin Hicks video taped the meeting and has been editing it into shape. You can already see some candid shots of the big turnout.

Gateway 2000 Japan

Gateway 2000 Japan

Gateway 2000 Japan described their product offerrings and business style. They also demonstrated their small form-factor Profile. TPC member Peter McMartin won a 400MHz Celeron powered Gateway GP6-400C!

May Akihabara Tour

Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler, led another of his famous walking and shopping tours of Akihabara on May 16th. Watch for TPC webpage for another tour after the summer weather cools a bit.

May 1999 Meeting

Ira Stevens led a quick overview of some of the ways you can take advantage of the Internet to put quality audio on your PC. Ken Cotton demonstrated RealAudio, Windows Media Player, and an MP3 player. Daniel Saito provided background information on the formats involved, and described how SkyPerfectTV is using MPEG to produce a music-on-demand system.

Toshiba Direct PC

Toshiba Direct PC showed off their line of English notebooks that are now available in Japan, complete with English language support.

TPC member Paul Martin won a Toshiba Libretto50CT!

The PowerPoint presentation used at the meeting is available for download (464K).

April 1999 Meeting

Online Financial Information Services

Jerry Suppan from Standard & Poor's FIS (Financial Information Services) presented S&P's Global Markets Live, an Internet-based online financial information service. Club members were invited to try out the service for 45 days, and then to subscribe at a special discount rate.

Some photos and a meeting summary are available.

March 1999 Meeting

Putting Your Computer Skills to Work: Getting an IT Job in Japan

Bill Auckerman, former TPC president and former Editor of Computing Japan magazine chaired a panel of recruiters, online job search experts and IT specialists with representatives from East West Consulting, Bilingual-Jobs and Panache and Global Online

The meeting was a great success with almost a full house of members and guests who came to hear what the experts had to say. The main message seemed to be that there are still jobs out there but every year the qualifications required are getting higher, certification is preferred over experience in some jobs and that good research is needed before jumping into a job in order find out whether it is the ideal job for you.

February 1999 Meeting


Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) president Alberto Tomita and TLUG founder Jim Tittsler described what the Linux operating system is and some of the many ways you can put it to work. If you missed the meeting, or need more information, you can review the presentation online.

January 1999 Meeting

New Technologies : Windows 2000 & MP3

The New Year started with a preview of several technologies that will probably feature later in the year. The topic was a grab bag of new and/or prerelease hardware and software. We heard a report from Mike Kato on the preview version of Office 2000, also just out, a prerelease of Janna's Contact Manager. Stuart Woodward gave a demonstration of the new pocket sized CD quality RIO hardware MP3 player from Diamond Multimedia.
Unfortunately Mike's Sony PCG-C1 sub-notebook, had died so he wasn't able to demo it this time.

December 1998 Meeting

December's meeting featured a long-awaited presentation of Partition Magic, by PowerQuest. Probably one of the most oft-mentioned applications in recent TPC history, Partition Magic is a fantastic application for partitioning your hard drive, which enables the clean management of applications and data. But another major benefit of Partition Magic is that enable multiple boot partitions, which, for people working and living in bilingual environments, is virtually imperative.

John Winger, Director of Product Marketing at PowerQuest, and Tamemura-san, of Net Japan presented Partition Magic 4.0 to the TPC. They not only demoed the software, but also be spoke about Server Magic and Drive Image, two other powerful applications from PowerQuest.

November Meeting

Many thanks to Chris Phelan, the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Marketing of Global OnLine for stepping in at short notice to give a great presentation on Internet Marketing Strategies. The meeting was surprisingly well attended for a meeting postponed to the second Thursday with no topic announced in advance.

Akihabara Tour, Sunday, October 18th

Again, a small but hearty group followed Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler on another of his walking tours of Akihabara.

October 1998 Meeting

The officers elected at the October meeting for the term starting in November are: 

Congratulations to the new officers, and a special thanks to outgoing President Pat Hughes, and Algorithmica Japonica Publisher Paul Cipywnyk. Welcome to our new publisher, Mousavi Morteza. 

September 1998 Meeting

Ken Cotton talked about the options available for Interenet telephony and stressed It's good enough and getting better. He led a discussion of the various providers that provide phone-to-phone connections using the Internet. Many in the audience reported success with AT&T @phone. He briefly demonstrated Microsoft NetMeeting, completely free software that will allow you to have free PC-to-PC audio and video conversations over the net. ICQ is a handy free application that has expanded from offering simple text chat to serving as a way to find other PC phone users online. He also demonstrated Net2Phone, which allows making telephone calls from your PCs to standard telephones around the world at very attractive prices.

August 1998 Meeting

Ken Cotton demonstrated Real Audio's new G2 streaming audio and video. Jim Tittsler showed a couple of alternative data input methods for the Palm Pilot: dotNote a one-hand keyboard that you operate with your thumb and the Fitaly Keyboard, a pop-up keyboard designed to minimize stylus motion. He also showed VNC, a free, cross-platform remote access program for Windows and Unix. Pat Hughes demonstrated how easy it is to use Net2Phone to make phone calls from your computer to any telephone in the world. 

Akihabara Tour, Sunday, July 12th

A small but hearty group followed Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler on another of his walking tours of Akihabara. The next one is scheduled for October 18th. 

July 1998 Meeting

Thanks to all of the club members that demonstrated some of their current favorite hardware and software. 

Akihabara Tour Sunday, June 21st

Thanks yet again to Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler for another great walking tour of Akihabara. 

June 1998 Meeting

Thanks to Ken Cotton for a quick trip through some of the web search engines. (And thanks to Pat Hughes for doing all of the typing!)

Akihabara Tour Sunday May 17th

Thanks to Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler for leading another in his string of successful walking tours of Akihabara.

May 1998 Meeting

Many thanks to TPC member Robinson Collins who showed us the web design software Macromedia's DreamWeaver and Homesite by Allaire at our May meeting. This was the first meeting to demonstrate the ISDN connection to the Church Hall provided by Global Online. Thanks GOL!

April 1998 Meeting

Thanks also to Focal-point Computer who presented Equilibrium's DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 for Windows and Avid MCXpress at our April Meeting.

January 1998 Meeting

Thanks to Russell Willis, Managing Director of eigoMedia. who braved the snow in January to tell us how eigoMedia turns the chore of learning into a motivated, "fun, exciting, challenging and interesting" experience through the use of multimedia for not only children but adults as well.

December 1997 Meeting

Secretary Stuart Woodward brought along his digital camera to the December meeting and captured some snapshots.

President Pat Hughes and
Vice-President Ken Cotton Micron Technology

Jim Tittsler
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