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Tokyo PC Users Group

December, 1997 Meeting

TPC Secretary Stuart Woodward brought his digital camera along to the December meeting and captured some of the action.

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President Pat Hughes and Vice-President Ken Cotton led off the meeting.

President Pat Hughes and Vice-President Ken Cotton Pat Hughes and Ken Cotton, Yapari

Micron Technology

The December meeting featured a presentation by Michael Thompson of Micron Technology, describing their line of desktop and notebook computers.

Micron Technology Micron Technology


Mr. Akihabara, Sigi Rindler

Doorman and Mr. Akihabara Sigi Rindler was there. Sigi mentioned that he is leading another of his famous shopping tours of Akihabara on Sunday, December 14th.


Mike Kato

Long-time TPC member and former Program Director Mike Kato was there, apparently in his stealth costume.


Vice-President Ken Cotton promoted the award-winning TPC newsletter, the Algorithmica Japonica.

Ken Cotton Ken Cotton, Again