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Tokyo PC Users Group

April, 1999 Meeting

Jerry Suppan talks about S&P's Global Markets Live

In April, TPC member Jerry Suppan of Standard and Poor's MMS division presented an overview of their Global Markets Live. This online service brings together headlines and analysis in the Global Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Emerging Markets categories, with expansion planned into Commodities and Global Equities. While targeted mainly for corporate customers and financial professionals, it is now being expanded to appeal to the individual investor as well. It provides constantly updating news stories and looks at key rates and indicies around the world.
door prize drawing

TPC members were invited to try the service free for 45 days, and were offered a special price if they wished to continue using it.

Standard & Poor's also provided a number of nice personal organizers with calculators for a door prize drawing.
Treasurer Anthony Whitman and
Mr. Akihabara Sigi Rindler
Former president Kevin Ryan offers some deals

Jim Tittsler
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