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January President's Message

So now, we are into the my third full month as President. Somehow, in becoming President, I have not been endowed with extra knowledge in dealing with computer systems. For those of you who do not know my computer system, I use OS/2. I decided to make a bold leap to OS/2 3.0 WARP.

This should have been a simple operation. Insert CD, load new system. It was not a simple episode. After having help on the installation, I could not get WARP loaded as my system folder.

Next step, my friend took the hard drive home and loaded WARP on his computer. My hard drive was brought back to me. But lo and behold, I cannot load any programs in OS/2. I started hearing things about BIOS problems.

Finally, a computer consultant comes out. After five hours, he determines that the problem is not the hardware. Instead, the problem is that WARP may not be compatible with my computer.

The result? I certainly have not gotten completely WARPED yet. In fact, the only thing getting warped with my computer is my bank book.

Why do I mention this personal episode? Because I find myself needing the help of others when doing things. When I embarked on becoming President, I decided that giving you, the average member, value for your membership was important. I want to encourage you to contribute.

One of the founding principles of the TPC was for people to get together and share information. While meetings and a program are nice, the real synergy occurs when people get together and work on questions/problems/new tricks of the trade when working on their computer. All of the people who have helped me with my OS/2 problem were met at TPC. But the answers to my questions could not be resolved at a meeting.

Have you had a comments about club activities or functions? So far, there have been few comments directed to me as President. The only remarks I have noted so far is that the "niji-kai" at Shakey's may need to be moved since Shakey's wants to close at 10:00.

I want TPC to help you enjoy your computer. If you have something you want the club to do, speak up. Mike Kato has not planned out the entire year yet, but I know he will listen to your ideas. TPC is meant to be your club. I don't want to sponsor programs that do not help you in understanding and utilizing computers. The input we give to a new computer user in understanding an application or even getting on the BBS is invaluable.

Have you a topic you want to talk about? Is there some computer program that needs a review? Is there a store in E-town to go look at? Then submit an article. Mike Lloret always needs submissions to fill out the newsletter. Even my husband got to publish one, so it's not all that hard to do.

Members are also welcome at executive meetings, generally held on the Wednesday after the Thursday meeting at Tokyo Union Church. Be warned, if you go to the trouble of coming to one of these meetings, then we will probably conclude that you have an interest. You will then be drafted into service in some way shape or form.

I do want to hear from you. You can write me on the BBS at CARYN COLEMAN (provided my system will stay up for an entire week at a time). If I don't know what to do with an idea, then I'll be sure to forward it on to a person who would know what to do with your idea.

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Algorithmica Japonica

January, 1995

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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