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The Midnight Writer

Mike Lloret

You may have noticed some changes in the list of TPC Officers on the facing page, the result of the most recent Executive Committee meeting, when we met to decide what to do about Caryn Coleman's news that her development team is being sent back to the States, forcing her to resign as TPC President, and Ivy Silverman's announcement that she'll be leaving Japan soon, leaving TPC without a Publicity Officer, and many of us saddened at the departure of yet another friend.

The immediate problem for the Group has been partially taken care of by Will Auckerman's gracious consent to take over the President's job for the remainder of the term, even though his work schedule as Editor of Computing Japan really makes this a burden. We agreed to provide as much support as possible for him, and I'm sure we will. Mike Kato had offered to do the President's job, too, but it was felt that it's too much to ask someone to be Program Director (a really time- and labor-intensive job) and President, too. A couple of other concerned members came to the meeting willing to help and offering advice, including David Bernat, who was once the Editor and who offered to take charge of the newsletter archives. He had been ready to volunteer to work out the rest of the President's term if needed, too. We finally decided to have me take over Will's erstwhile VP slot in addition to the AJ editing, and for Tom Pedersen to deal, at least temporarily, with Publicity in addition to his job as Secretary.

It's great to work with dedicated, highly motivated people who, although already very busy at their "real" jobs, still come through when they're needed for yet another task to benefit the Group. Rod Bradish, Todd Boyle, Jeff Cady, Paul Cipywnyk, Ken Cotton, and Brian Perkins, among others, also come immediately to mind as people who are contributing their time and energy and sometimes money to helping ensure that the TPC provides value to the members.

How about you? Can you spare a little time to help the Group out? Would you be willing to find out how your talents and skills could be used to benefit your fellow members? Wouldn't you like to get a little more involved in helping TPC run just that extra bit more smoothly? We would certainly welcome you, and even aside from being appreciated you'd be likely to benefit from the experience yourself.

Sigi Rindler could use some help at the door at the beginning of the monthly meetings. Brian Perkins could use some help with the CD lending library we recently instituted. We're looking for a new Publicity Officer. Mike Kato could use help with finding and contacting people to do presentations. The BBS SIG would welcome anyone interested in helping out with the board. We could use a bigger pool of instructors for classes in such things as basic computer operation and how to use the BBS. Even going up and talking to new members and guests at the monthly meetings, to make them feel more welcome and less lost, would be a huge help. The newsletter always needs articles of all kinds, too.

There are plenty of things going on that would benefit greatly from another pair of hands and a brain.

Don't let it always be the same handful of people who give of their time, skills, and talents for the sake of the many. Go up to or call one of the officers and offer to help, if you can possibly do so. Not every job that needs doing is high profile and filled with drama, of course, but just because it's not terribly exciting doesn't mean it's not necessary.

Take a chance; make an offer. We'd love to have you on the team.

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Algorithmica Japonica

April, 1995

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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