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Caryn Coleman

"From downloading my messages (even answering my mail!), running the phone line from the church fax machine, calling members, writing articles for the Newsletter, or just even helping me to put away the chairs after the meeting, he has done all of these chores. He has truly been the power behind the throne!
My boss has issued new marching orders and my project is returning to the US at the beginning of April. I'll be at the last meeting in spirit! Frank and I are leaving Japan and the TPC with many great memories and mixed feelings. Through the club, I have learned a lot about PC's and have met so many very great people!

I used to come to the monthly meeting, sit in the front row and listen to the presentation, and then go home. I didn't know anyone and I didn't have a PC at home so I wasn't "on the BBS". Then, one evening, Dori Horn, the former TPC Publisher, walked up to me. She introduced me to her husband Miguel and then to Bill Auckerman. Off to Shakey's we go! Just a couple of months later, I bought a PC and then got "on the BBS" and my life really changed! So, thank you, Dori, for getting me "hooked".

Above all, I want to thank each member of the TPC. The members ARE the TPC--not just the BBS users, not just the Newsletter people, but the entire group. There are so many club members who contribute information and volunteer work to the club who do not have official positions. The club needs its members to continue to actively share their knowledge with others and to contribute their time to the running the club.

There are so many people to thank. If I leave some people out, it's not on purpose. So starting at the top of the list, I want to thank Bill Auckerman for having so much experience with the TPC and helping me with some of the Presidential duties. Bill, I can sum it up simply by saying thanks for being there for me.

I am very grateful to Tom Pedersen for all the work he has done to support the BBS. First of all, he provides a physical home to the BBS hardware and a meeting place for the BBS SIG. But more importantly, Tom's leadership has kept the BBS SIG on track with their development and financial goals. Tom, please let me know the next time you want to make order out of chaos so I can hire you!

I have always been impressed by Junko Kitamura's professional skills in managing the TPC's money. She has stepped into a situation that can very boring and unnoticed. Junko, you have prevented a lot of headaches!

I am very thankful for all the hard work that Mike Lloret, Stuart Woodward, Ken Cotton and all the other people who work on the Newsletter have put in. You have continued the high quality of the TPC Newsletter. When Dori left Tokyo last fall, she left a big gap because she did so much work for the club. Her absence has hardly been noticed because you managed to effectively redistribute the tasks among various people.

(Now, of course, someone could infer that it takes three men to do the same amount of work as one woman, but I wouldn't dare to make such a sexist remark as that .)

I want to thank Ivy Silverman for all the publicity work she has done for the club. Ivy has made sure that our phone number and meeting times were in all the important publications. Regrettably, Ivy will be departing soon to go back to the USA. So Ivy, let's get together sometime in New York.

Every month, I give thanks that Mike Kato became Programs Director. He has arranged for presentations on various topics and in a timely manner. The TPC meetings should be a place where you can go to find information that you cannot get anywhere else! Mike, you've done a great job at planning presentations which do this!

I hope that Sigi Rindler never gets tired of helping the TPC. I don't know if we could find anyone else that can recognize a TPC member from a visitor as quickly as you! (Members: once I have left Japan, Sigi is going to need some help at the front desk! He is really great to work with so please give him a helping hand!)

My biggest thanks go to my husband, Frank Crull, for all of his help. Since we married in September 1994, he has done everything possible to help me be President of the TPC. From downloading my messages (even answering my mail!), running the phone line from the church fax machine, calling members, writing articles for the Newsletter, or just even helping me to put away the chairs after the meeting, he has done all of these chores. He has truly been the power behind the throne!

Lastly, I want to thank each member of the TPC. The members are the TPC -- not just the BBS users, not just the Newsletter folks, not the officers, but the entire group. The BBS is a great tool for communicating but it's what is being communicated that's important--whether it is some technical information for upgrading a PC or just making a date to meet for dinner.

I will miss finishing my term as President, but the situation is outside my control. There are some important decisions for the TPC in the summer when the commitment of the BBS SIG is fulfilled. The TPC will face the same decision it faced last summer when Robert Irizarry needed to move the BBS out of his home. The TPC will need to either find another physical home and group of volunteer sysops OR to place the BBS on a commercial system. Last year, when we were faced with the same dilemma, we were fortunate to have a very dedicated group of volunteers to run the BBS SIG. But we also learned another very important fact which is that there are some very viable commercial alternatives for housing the BBS. It is my personal opinion, that if there are volunteer sysops that can operate the BBS responsibly and within budgetary limits, then the BBS should remain with a SIG. However, if dedicated volunteers are not available or if the BBS operations are not fiscally viable, then the club should immediately look to the commercial alternatives.

My presidency for the TPC has focused on "added value" for your membership. This year, we have received several discounts, had an Akihabara tour and plans for another, plans for educational classes and a summer picnic. I hope that the next executives will seek out other ways -- such as group purchases -- to provide "added value" for your membership.

I wish the club well and I want to get some e-mail from you just as soon as I get on-line from Texas.

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Algorithmica Japonica

April, 1995

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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