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How do I use FTP etc.?

Several people have asked Internet related questions recently and often finding out how to get the information that you want results in the reply, "look for the answer on the Internet".

If you can already access Internet newsgroups your first stopping off place should be the depositories of FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions). These documents, on almost every subject that you want to know about, are updated monthly and posted to the appropriate newsgroups and also to FAQ collection newsgroups such as, comp.answers, news.answers or talk.answers .

If you look in one of these areas, you'll find out what you want to know about FTP etc.. Many FAQs give detailed information about FTP for beginners in the instructions about where to get the latest edition of the FAQ.

But when it comes down to it, most people don't want to use FTP, what they really want is to get a file that they know exists at some FTP site or other. If you have a graphical World Wide Web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic, or even if you only have access to a text mode browser such as Lynx, then you can retrieve the same information using FTP via the much easier to use user interface that these programs offer.

If you really don't know where to get started on the Internet then login to our BBS and ask us. We have a new conference devoted to talk about the Internet. Someone may already have the information that you need or may be willing to get it for you.

Basic access to the BBS is free and by getting on the BBS you will have learnt most of the initial important lessons already!

Why aren't the two BBS lines the same?

The reason is that currently one of the lines is running the gateway software that lets other BBS's, which make up the FIDO-Net, call us and exchange messages.

The gateway waits for you to press escape twice to tell it that you are a human caller, otherwise it will wait for 20 seconds for the distinctive login sequence of an other BBS calling.

The downside is, that these differences makes it a little more difficult to write an automated script to login in automatically to which ever line is free.

How can I put a multimegabyte file onto a floppy disk?

When you have a problem like this, that you know that someone must have had before, think "shareware". If you are not in a hurry then try and pick up a CD-ROM of general utilities in Akihabara. The "Simtel" disk is recommended for DOS applications, and the "CICA" disk for Windows tools. If you need it in a hurry look on the CD-ROM drive on our BBS.

The program I would use comes in 2 parts. "Rend" and "Mend." Rend can split any file and Mend will restore the parts. Simple.

A similar program should be able to be found in almost any large collection of DOS shareware.

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April, 1995

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