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A Message from the President

by Kevin Ryan

We started our February Exec meeting slowly. I was depressed, feeling like I couldn't give to the TPC what it deserved, in time or gumption. Thoughts of excuses for quitting floated through my head as I realized how lame my report was to the Execs. The new position at work, or the extended trip planned for this summer (2 months), came to mind.

Then a very nice thing happened. As each of the Execs gave their reports, I realized that people really are interested in keeping this thing going - and even improving it! Sure there was contention on a couple of issues, but that is always a good sign. The best part was the influx of new blood.

Stuart Woodward is our new Secretary. Stuart has served as President before with a secretary named Kevin under him. Times have changed, eh? <g>. We are glad to have Stuart aboard, he brings with him more than expertise in computing: a time-tested awareness of how volunteer groups work.

I'd also like to welcome Brian Perkins to the Exec in his role (now made official) as Disc Librarian. The change since our last Disk Librarian is that Brian brings CD-ROMs to meetings for lending, instead of floppies for sale.

Also made official members of the Execs are Roland Hechtenberg (mailing coordinator), Charlie Lipton (BBS site coordinator), Jim Tittsler (consultant) and Ken Cotton (hotline coordinator). Thanks to all for their continued contribution of time and expertise.

Unfortunately, we have lost Robert Irizarry from the Exec because of time reasons, but he will continue to contribute as a regular member (and help Frank, our sysop, in emergencies). He held the position of the Internet Liaison, a hard position to fill, but we need someone to act as our transfer person to the Internet, to find an affordable way easy enough for our members to practice Internet access (and get a taste of the real thing) until they can get access for themselves through a service provider. This would be the ideal opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of the Internet business in the process of getting us the best deal with the best set-up.

Ken cornered me after the meeting (he had just gotten in from work) and bent my ear about his plans for the hotline. It should be up and running by the time you read this. (For those that haven't tried the hotline recently, it's been down since we lost a computer in our last move.)

But the best part was the end of the meeting, when we checked out the new site. The basement of the British Club is smaller than the Church's, but it has many advantages, like a phone line onto the stage, areas upstairs for beginners' meetings, and Frank Angstead playing in the bar upstairs after the meeting (sometimes, anyway). Oh, and there is a bar at the back of the meeting room so we don't have to rush off for bad pizza. Food is served upstairs, too.

A projector would make it perfect. Since we now have about ¥1.7 million in the bank, I am going to propose at the next Exec meeting (March 14 at the British Club, all members welcome) that we bite the bullet and allot ¥500,000 to buy one. With this, we could have on-line demonstrations of the Internet and new software. Visible by everyone. This would increase interest in meetings and make it much easier to get presenters.

I didn't realize how much I missed the TPC BBS until it was down. Due to circumstances beyond our control it was disconnected and then when reconnected, lost a hard disk. Thanks to Frank and Todd for getting it up again so quickly. It is an integral part of the TPC and makes organizing things much easier.

So by the end of the meeting, my depression had vanished and I am looking forward to working with some of the most interesting people in Tokyo, on the Exec. Like the saying goes, "You don't have time, you make time."

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Algorithmica Japonica

March, 1996

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