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BBS Needs New Home

by Frank Angstead

Publisher's Note: The TPC BBS has found a new home, but I am including this original article for reference.

We are looking for a new site for the TPC BBS. Our present host is planning to be moving their offices soon, and we evidently aren't included in their moving plans. We don't know exactly HOW soon they're moving, but we thought it prudent to go ahead and try to line up something new before the fact.

We have a few requirements for a useful BBS site, and I'll try to outline them here. If anyone has any ideas about possible sites for our BBS, please reply to me.

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Our basic requirements are:

1) Space

The present BBS configuration sits in one tower-type rack arrangement, about 100cm (W) x 80cm (D) x 210cm (H). All of the hardware fits on this one rack. If possible, it would be nice to have an additional small space for a shelf or chest or something to store software and manuals, but it's not a must. A small additional space on one side of the rack to facilitate reaching around the back to plug things in would be helpful.

2) Connections

We need a site that will support having at least three phone lines added to the existing ones (two for the BBS and one for the TPC Hotline voice mail system). The phone numbers should be in the Tokyo 23-ku (area code 03) calling area. We also need at least one wall outlet which can support us drawing up to about 10A of power for our hardware. TPC owns our own phone line licenses, and will pay all our own phone bills (domestic & international). We will also pay for our power usage as estimated and negotiated between the TPC and the site host.

3) Access

We will need occasional on-site access to the machines for maintenance, upgrades, and very rarely for emergency troubleshooting and repairs. It would be ideal to have a site where we could have 24-hour emergency access, but it's certainly not a must. A situation where we could have access for minor maintenance during regular business hours Monday- Friday, and once or twice a year get in on a weekend afternoon to do major upgrades and maintenance, would be totally acceptable.

4) Stability

We would like to find a site that we could go into and not have to move again for at least a year. There is a lot involved in moving all the hardware and making sure everything works again after a move. Would like to keep moving to a minimum. Places on month-to-month or sublet for the summer are probably not desirable.

5) Benefits for provider

Benefits to the site provider would include one free honorary membership in the TPC club for the duration of the period they hosted the site. This includes free on-line access to the BBS, free Internet E-Mail, free Fido Netmail, free admittance to TPC monthly meetings, and a complimentary copy of our monthly newsletter.

Additional benefits would include informal computer expertise and advice, and opportunities to learn more about computer networking and telecommunications from our system operators and supporters. Also we might be able to offer some kind of free advertising incentive in our newsletter if the host has a business.

6) Backup tapes

In addition to the site requirements mentioned above, it would be nice to have someone in the host office change our automated backup tape for us once a day. Very simple task. Not a must-have, but would be very helpful in case of system failure.

I think that's basically what we require and what a prospective host could expect, although all the points mentioned here are flexible and negotiable. If you think you might be interested in hosting the TPC BBS in your home or office, or know someone who could, please contact me on the BBS or by Internet E-Mail. Thanks a lot for your time and interest.

Frank Angstead, Sysop/TPC BBS

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October, 1996

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