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New Execs and Volunteers

by Paul Cipywnyk

Most TPC members who can attend meetings or who log on to the BBS probably know this already, but we have a new President... Pat Hughes , a new Vice President... Ken Cotton , and Tony Whitman has been re-elected for a second term as Treasurer.

Let's all give them our full support over the next year.

While Pat has been one of the more active members, I believe this is his first time on the executive — brave man! (G) Ken has done a lot of volunteer work for the club, from running the Hotline to stuffing envelopes to generally being a one-man TPC promoter. Tony has been active on the executive for years. Most of you will recognize him as the guy who insists on lightening your wallet at the door!

Let's hear it for our now Past President, Kevin Ryan . Kevin put in a second term as Pres over the last year, and if you don't know him, you should. Ever the diplomat, Kevin has done a lot for the club. His gentle arm-twisting and his complete unflappability have served us very well. We hope to see you at this year's Exec meetings Kev! We won't quite let you off the hook yet....

Mike Lloret passed on his VP position, but is staying on as Editor, for what, starting a third year now? Thanks, Mike! Mike has done a lot for the club in many other ways, including (with David Bernat's help) smoothing our way to our new cozy venue at the Tokyo British Club. He also took a very nervous member... me... under his wing as Publisher last January.

Stuart Woodward , who has been on the exec in some shape or form (including President) for more years than I can remember, will hang on as Secretary. Stuart also does the way cool covers for the Algorithmica Japonica. Stuart is one of the TPC immortals (G).

Of course we all hope that Frank (Tone) Angstead will find the time to keep the BBS functioning as our harried SYSOP. He's been doing a great job with limited funds and a not-so-great BBS location. Make sure you check out his article in the October AJ about the need to find a new site for the BBS. If you can't find him/us a new BBS location, at least buy him a well-earned beer at the Barley Mow after a meeting.

Brian Willis is unable to continue as Program Director, and this is a big hole to fill. Anyone? This is a crucial position.... A chance to hobnob with the cream of Tokyo PC and IT society.... The Program Director is tasked with finding presenters for the monthly meetings. Software and hardware demos, speakers on computer/IT-related topics etc. Strong presentations are the key to good meetings, so be sure to help out whoever takes on the position by suggesting contacts.

Another position to fill is Publicity. Ken Cotton had been helping out, and though he's now the VP, he has graciously offered to continue, but this would be another great chance for someone new to help out the club, whether as a full-time volunteer PR person or as an assistant for Ken. BTW, Ken has also been running the TPC Hotline.

We should also give a round of applause to Jim Tittsler, who has been maintaining our Internet site, and applying his talents to giving our BBS more Internet connectivity. We all owe Jim a lot. Jim is our "Submariner." Competent, silent, avoiding the limelight, but always there when you need him....

Roland Hechtenberg has been mailing the newsletter to members who can't make it to meetings. It's a thankless job, so, thanks! Fold, stuff, stamp, fold, stuff, stamp.... I'm sure he'd be happy to "train" somebody to take over... but until then, uh, Roland, onegaishimasu!?

Brian Perkins has been running our Library. Over the years it has graduated from floppy disks to CD-ROMs. He's worked up a great database, and was doing a fine job loaning out discs, until the library disappeared (no fault of his) a few months ago. The CD shareware/demo library has been recovered, but, alas, it appears that Brian may be leaving us soon, and has requested a replacement. Any volunteers?

Todd Boyle , while not an "official" exec member, has given countless hours of his time to keeping the present Novell LAN-based BBS running. Todd has been "leaving Japan" for the last year, but if he ever does make the jump back to the U.S., we will surely miss him.

I must also mention Robert Irrizary, better known as RI... Raw Intensity... who left the blessed shores of Yamato earlier this year, after SYSOPing for many a moon. RI was, uh, unique (G). I mean unique in the original, unadulterated, pure meaning of unique....

Ach! How could I forget our own "Mr. Akihabara," Sigi Rindler ? Sigi is our doorman, bouncer, and ultimate back-alley "Electric Town" tour leader. TPC needs your money—Sigi will help Tony pick your pocket—and a week later he'll save you mega-yen on computer components in "Akiba."

Two other people that must be mentioned are Ann Colville and David Parry.

Ann Colville draws the wonderful and wacky "Babitoons" that appear on the back cover of the Algorithmica Japonica every month. She puts a lot of time and effort into them.

Many readers will know David Parry from the days when he was an active TPC member who served in many executive positions for a number of years. Though David now lives in Germany, he logs onto the BBS, and his witty "Ionic Column" articles still appear regularly in the newsletter. In many ways, David is still an "active" member, even from halfway around the world.

One name that will now drop off the Exec list is William Auckerman, the previous Past President. Wish we could find another title for you! Bill has been involved in the TPC for years, in many executive positions, and as many of you know, he is now the Editor-in-Chief of Computing Japan. Bill gave a presentation about his role at CJ and the magazine's future at the meeting in September, and we all look forward to the times when he can can get away from his busy schedule and grace us with his presence at TPC meetings.

Then there's me. Hi! I'm the guy who has been doing the DTP (Desk Top Publishing) of the newsletter since January. Mike Lloret and I will be working together for another year to pump out the Algorithmica Japonica, so you'll be seeing more of my layout experiments and attempts to find or produce appropriate graphics to accompany articles over the coming year.

I would also like to thank Jim Tittsler and Stuart Woodward for helping me get the newsletter into HTML and posted on the club's pages on the WWW.

Whew! I hope I didn't miss anyone. Since I got more involved in the club, I've had so many benefits. Social, professional, you name it, the TPC has something for anyone who uses PCs. I've asked questions, I've answered questions to the best of my ability, and I've met a lot of great people.

These people have all done so much for the club. Many of them have filled executive and/or volunteer positions for years. If YOU can spare a few hours a month, the TPC needs you. You can start out slowly and learn by doing, like we all did.

Contact the old/new execs for details of the volunteer positions that are open, or that present volunteers would like to pass on to fresh blood.

BTW, any member who'd like to learn more about the inner workings of the club is welcome to attend an Executive Meeting. The meetings are arranged to suit the convenience of execs and volunteers from month to month, so simply ask one of us when and where the next exec meeting will be held.

Kevin, thank you so much. We still look forward to your help and wisdom.

Pat? Good luck. We're with you, and will help you find other people to "delegate" to. Thanks for the beer at your first official Exec meeting at the Black Lion the other night.... You're learning fast! ;-)

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November, 1996

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