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Prez Sez: Nov. 1996

by Pat Hughes

Greetings from a new writer in an old and well-worn slot.

So, what is the "Prez Sez" section of the Algorithmica Japonica? In order to answer this question I went to reach for all my old copies of the AJ only to find they were at the office and I wasn't!

Too late to stick a message in either the Help or Chit-Chat conferences of the BBS so I turned instead to investigate the ever-available database of comments, questions and answers on every imaginable topic that remains in the archives of the TPC BBS. With a couple years of input from members new and old it is an excellent resource.

My plan was to find the WWW address to access old copies of the AJ on-line. Into the (M)essage database to (S)earch for messages (F)rom Jim Tittsler (the internet man) and messages with "shrine" (the only part of the address that came to mind) in the (B)ody. Success in minutes and off to Netscape.

(Around this time I remembered I had one copy of the AJ in the apartment to review the "How to Make Your Home Page in 10 Minutes" article by Darren Cook in the 3/96 issue as well as the 10/96 article by Kurt Keller "GIF My Home Page, Mr. JPG!" Just as in this AJ that you are reading now, the WWW homepage address is to be found on the inside of the cover. Oh well, at least I could confirm the address I had just located.)

People and resources are what the TPC is about as you can see above. Using the local BBS, which is taken care of by Frank and Jim, is fine for those in Japan, and for those checking in from farther away many articles from the AJ have been placed onto the WWW site by Jim Tittsler, Paul Cipywnyk , Stuart Woodward and others I'm going to have to stop mentioning names for fear of leaving out too many who do the real work to keep the TPC going.

And these names are just the obvious ones. The club may be taken care of and administered by those listed on the inside cover of this newsletter but it is the people that sit in the audience that provide the real direction of where the club is to go.

What do you want to see at the meetings? Presentations have to be about what interests you Windows NT 4.0 is on the slate for November but what would you like to see next month? A few ideas including digital cameras have been suggested, but please keep the requests coming.

How to keep in touch? In your hands is the paper version of the AJ: a good start. Within it you will find contact numbers and e-mail addresses you can use to make your wishes known. And if you have trouble using the BBS, the WWW (or any other 3+-letter computer-related abbreviations) just let us know and you can look forward to answers, suggestions and perhaps even a whole session on such topics.

There is a lot of info and fun stuff out there and it should be readily accessible to you! If it isn't then let us know because as the previous writer of this column put it very recently, this is the Tokyo Personal Computer USERS Group so lets USE those PCs!

© Algorithmica Japonica Copyright Notice: Copyright of material rests with the individual author. Articles may be reprinted by other user groups if the author and original publication are credited. Any other reproduction or use of material herein is prohibited without prior written permission from TPC. The mention of names of products without indication of Trademark or Registered Trademark status in no way implies that these products are not so protected by law.

Algorithmica Japonica

November, 1996

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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