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USR Pilot Review

by Kevin Ryan

The Palm-top organizer "Pilot" was just too good to resist, so I bought one when they first came out last summer. Got the 5000 version, with extra memory. I have quickly become dependent on it, using it almost hourly when at work. I take notes with it at meetings using the easy handwriting feature, schedule dull meetings for the future (so I'm sure not to miss them) and keep contact addresses and telephone numbers up to date.

The best feature about this little machine (slightly larger than a cigarette packet), is the fact that I get home at night, pop it into its cradle and transfer, with one click, all the of the information to the desktop PC. The files become exactly one and the same. I can then export lists and addresses to a database, memos to the word processor.

When my Pilot died, I was rudderless. I had to wait until the Thanksgiving vacation to finish, got a return number from US Robotics and sent it off on a Wednesday, lunch time. I missed my Pilot badly.

Five days later, the takkyubin guy dings the doorbell and the fixed unit is in my hand, a little over a hundred hours after I sent it. Couldn't have gotten the thing fixed that fast here in Tokyo, even if it were possible. I cradled it up and now it has all the old info in it and is better than new—the operating system was upgraded.

This cost me a little over ¥2,000 to mail it by EMS (speedy service from he post office that someone told me was run by some Australians). This included ¥30,000 of insurance, and must have arrived quicker than FedEx. At less than half the price. US Robotics fixed it for free and sent it back by DHL, for free.

What was wrong with it? I guess one train ride was too too crowded, I had cracked the connection to the screen. They replaced most of the unit in what must have been less than a day. Done in Wilmington Ohio. I'm a happy camper.

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January, 1997

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