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Prez Sez: February 1997

by Pat Hughes

Vietnam proved to be fun and interesting and my comment last month about the software safe and sound: a recent report showed that my assumption about the software market there was correct — 99% of the software is an illegal copy! Even books are copied as I found when I found numerous titles that had been run off on a photocopier and glued/stapled together. You can check what the original price was because the original price tag on the back of the cover is copied as well.

The relocation of both the meetings and the BBS are completed. I'd like to extend thanks to the Tokyo Union Church for welcoming us back and to the Black Lion for allowing us to share space with the Irish Network Japan, and of course to those who came out on their Saturday and again Monday evening to perform the move and setting up. The hiccups that occurred should be history now and we can get back to concentrating on presentations. Thank you for bearing with us during the downtime that occurred to the BBS during the move. Unavoidable but kept to a minimum I assure you.

In order to keep you more informed about what is up and coming we shall start to include in the Algorithmica Japonica, to the extent possible, a schedule of presentations for the coming months. Thanks to the excellent input on the survey at our January meeting we have a number of ideas of what you want to see and will be working to meet your expectations over the coming year. Biggest thanks of course go to Paul Cipywnyk for taking care of the survey from design to compilation of results — going on as I write this. When the results have been tabulated we'll let you know what we learned about the club and its members and I hope you find it as informative as we did. Thank you again for the effort.

By the way, to encourage people to fill in the surveys Paul donated and presented to two people Publisher '95 and the CD with 5 years worth of PC Magazine on it. Congratulations to the lucky winners (Past President Kevin Ryan and new member Michael Zylstra). We really would like even a short report on those prizes. In particular I would like to hear about the CD because like others in the club I've received many offers from PC Mag for this CD if I joined up. What do you think?

After a recent meeting a few people got to mentioning some of the small but handy programs they have been using lately. I kept leaning over and asking again what program did what. I assume that some others would like to know as well so I'll mention one here this time and more later. Short descriptions from others on utilities you've come across recently are very welcome.


If you have Windows NT & 95 you can search for a file by various methods including contents and date of creation and file size. Rather handy — but if you get a number of hits you only get a list of files. You must then open up and search for the word again in each file.

This program however gives you not only the program info but also displays a line from the file (including binary files) showing the context in which it is used. This helps you narrow down the sample files to a few optimal choices before you start opening files.

Enough said, I'll upload this to the BBS and I would mention where I found it on the Internet but I didn't make a note... I'll be sure to mention that in the future and if you want to know about this program please contact me on the BBS or by e-mail.

Until next time, slan.

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Algorithmica Japonica

February, 1997

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