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The Midnight Writer: February 1997

by Mike Lloret

For the first time in quite a while, I have no computer problems to snarl and moan about; a very unusual feeling, it makes me worry about what catastrophe is going to strike next. While I wait for my next as-yet-nameless doom, there are a few bits and pieces of information to share with you.

January Meeting: Software

The first meeting at the new/old Tokyo Union Church venue went fairly well. If I had been able to make the phone connection work properly, we could have connected to the Internet or to the TPC BBS during the meeting, but since this wasn't possible, the fallback demonstrations of the Snap254 shareware screen capture app and of Ken Nesbitt's WebEdit32, with a comparison to Netscape Navigator Gold's built-in HTML editor seem to have been of interest to some of the people at the meeting. I didn't have time to really check out what was being demonstrated at the other machines, but the brief glimpse I got of the air traffic control simulation Jim Tittsler brought was certainly interesting.

January Meeting: Wetware

Among the benefits of TPC membership is the socializing component, as I was recently reminded. Against my better judgement, I allowed myself to be persuaded to go to Shakey's after the meeting. Last order came all too soon, and my clever ploy of ordering two pitchers of beer for myself was foiled by Shakey's counterattack: the beer was warm. In fact, it was warm right down to the bottom of each pitcher.

Some of the hardier souls made up for this at Zest, where frozen margaritas and (well-chilled) Mexican beer brightened our spirits. As always, the conversation was stimulating and amusing. Perhaps because of reluctance to leave such a fascinating environment, or because of regret that so many of the others were peeling out of our formation to catch the last train, or perhaps out of tequila-induced impaired judgement, I somehow agreed to accompany a sysop and TPC president (both of whom shall remain nameless) to yet another den of iniquity in Roppongi. Then again, maybe it was the 300/drink campaign information that did it.

Whatever the trigger was, the tail end of the evening was fun, too, and although getting up at six-thirty after going to bed at four is not something I'm unused to, I have to admit that the next day's back-to-back meetings, crowned by my performance review interview (I figured that it's pretty bad form to sleep through one of these), were not the easiest I've endured. I am also forced to admit, once again, that it appears I am no longer eighteen.

Mr. Boyle goes to Washington

Conspicuously absent this time was long-time TPC member, one-time TPC Member-at Large and BBS SIG member, and often-time party member Todd Boyle. A frequent contributor to various activities of the TPC, Todd has returned to the U.S. and is now living in Seattle, where his wife and kids will be joining him shortly. He has started to send us e-mail accounts of his adventures there, and I intend to try to persuade him to submit some articles for the Algorithmica Japonica as soon as he is settled in. He can be reached at:

José gets the word out

Our new Publicity Director, Jose Caldeira, has started off splendidly with many great ideas, among which is the ongoing membership campaign, sparked in part by a desire to offer BBS services to users of the now-defunct IAC BBS. Jose is ensuring that TPC information is available in as many as possible sources around town, and he deserves thanks from all of us for volunteering to take on a difficult but vital task.

Next issue...

...depends on you. Don't be shy about sending in submissions to the AJ. Phone, fax, or e-mail me, please. Stay tuned.

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Algorithmica Japonica

February, 1997

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