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Prez Sez -- May 1997

Pat Hughes


Subject: subscribe

Body: subscribe

For those members with e-mail who have been wondering how to keep in touch with the TPC BBS and the club without calling the BBS itself, the above mail is what you need to send. It puts you on the mailing list for general membership discussion and meeting announcements. Easy.

For members who want to send a question or a suggestion then:


Subject: Hello, I've got a great idea

...or any subject line you wish. It's that simple and you don't have to make the extra phone call to anyone other than your usual Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your usual e-mail.

The above has been explained before but I thought I'd put it here again because some people still weren't sure what to do and were surprised to see how easy it can be done. There are also those (I am one) who just don't like to make two phone calls for their communications. Both of these reasons have contributed to quiet conferences lately. A quiet conference/list is good if you don't want too much e-mail coming into your usual account but bad if you are wondering what is up with the club. I kinda missed the usual traffic and exchange of ideas. (And I am using that as my feeble excuse of the month for submitting this column late to Mike and Paul. <g>)

What other lists are available? Well, there is TPC-Help, TPC-Earthquake (started after the Kobe earthquake) and many more. For a complete list send a blank message to


I apologize for those who are already aware of the above but it is rather quiet out there for a club with over 80 members, the majority of whom have e-mail access at their fingertips according to the survey results we saw in the March issue. (Well, the majority of the 36 who answered and I extrapolated from there.)

I also recall a number of people indicating they would be interested in "doing something on the internet" and if that includes increasing the internet presence of the TPC club then please send e-mail to myself or Ken (contact info on the inside of the cover) as we are looking into options now and hope to get going on this soon. Don't worry, others with more technical knowledge are involved but if you want to learn, lead or assist you are very welcome to get in touch.

What do all those people listed on the inside of the cover do anyway? The most visible results are of course the newsletter you hold in your hand and the presentations at the meetings you attend. But don't forget that to find out about those meetings and the club itself people are working to put the word out and that includes in print and by word of mouth to friends and acquaintances at work etc. or in casual passing. It's amazing how some people hear about the club and just as amazing how much work is going on in the background by everyone listed on that page so that people can get more out of the club.

Okay, except me who plays M.C. at the meetings and then writes one column. Really, that is all I do-so when the position becomes vacant in a few months, rush on over and tell me how you would like to get involved either in this position or others and I will gladly shake your hand and lead you astray... er show you the way.

In the meantime if you want to buy those hard-working execs a drink after the meeting (champagne, beer or juice as the case may be) I am sure they (we) will accept this symbol of your appreciation. <G>

Now back to testing some software for work and making sure the WinBoot utility to run Win95 E & J on my home machine is behaving. I reinstalled with fingers crossed and a bit more preparation and so far (two weeks) no problems. I recovered last time but did a complete reinstall anyway just to start out clean. This time I'll make sure that any problems are not caused by me... well, that the theory anyway.

Until next time-and in the interim I look forward to the mailing list volume expanding! Oh yes-hope you had a good Golden Week-I'll have been at the beach in Izu myself! Wonder if I'll get any swimming in?

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Algorithmica Japonica

May, 1997

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