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The TPC Home Page Links Link

Pamela Saalbach

The TPC Home Page "Links" Link

By Pamela Saalbach

This month, I thought I would introduce you to the "links" link on TPC's Web home page if by chance you haven't clicked on it recently.

To reinforce some of the HTML skills I learned in the online webcraft class I took from CyberEd last spring, I put together some pages of computer-related links in August and with Jim Tittsler's help, posted them to the TPC server. At the time, I was thinking this project could be of help to TPC members as well as to the club's Web page visitors from elsewhere around the globe. I hope you have visited this site and found it useful. If you haven't, I hope the following information will encourage you to explore the site, and perhaps participate in its upkeep.

When you click on TPC's "links" button, it sends you to an introductory page that is a menu to the rest of the "links" site. You have a choice of navigating by an Outline format or by a chatty Introduction. I've divided the links into five broad categories:

The Internet and the World Wide Web,

Online Computer Education and Training,


Information Technology in Japan,

Networking and Telecommunications Information.

The Internet and the World Wide Web link sends you to a page of links that may be of interest to people who want to know how the Internet and WWW got started and who the people were who created it. Maintaining this vast network requires a great deal of attention, and, of course, protocols and standards are key to making sure that all the servers involved can 'talk' to each other. Issues such as security, fair use and copyright are of continuous concern, so I have included several links that deal with them.

If you are or want to become a webmaster or system administrator, there are meta-reference sites where you can find all the information you need. Once in awhile, it's great to whip out a statistic or two to impress your friends and colleagues, and Web statistics are no exception. This information is also useful for marketing purposes if you're hunting for web user demographics. As a web user yourself, it seems you can never have enough plugins to get all the interactivity sites offer you, so it's good to know where to go to get them. And, while browsing in Japanese is Ken Cotton and company's specialty, there are a few sites I've posted from my various browsing sessions last year.

As many of you may know, I'm quite a fan of online and distance education. I encourage you to use the Internet for self and professional improvement. For all the education that is available over the Internet, you could go to school over your modem for the rest of your life at accredited institutions and end up with bonafide degrees by distance ed. For TPC's links, however, I've tried to stay focused on learning more about computers and computing.

Another page on the TPC site concentrates on learning more about what has happened and is happening in cyberspace and with computers. There are e-zines and online journals for you to explore and listings of upcoming conferences and expositions worldwide. For those of you who find yourselves in the position of introducing newbies to computers and the Internet, there are some terrific sites that serve as great overviews. The Internet is spawning a revolution in commmunication. It's enough that it's a "cultural revolution" all its own. So there are links where you can keep yourself on the cutting edge of 'hip' or find out what is long passe. Exploring microprocessor and computational history can be an entertaining segue through historical computing firsts.

For those of you who are always looking for the latest software or hardware, TPC's site has a few links for you. This is not my specialty, so I would be very happy to receive URLs from you for the benefit of other TPC members. And speaking of help, if you need it, there are people out on the Internet who are set up to give both Web and computer help. Try them out and see if they even come close to matching the wonderful exchanges of information that take place at our monthly meetings (I doubt it myself!). It's always handy to be able to reach for a dictionary of computing terms, so you've got those at your fingertips at the TPC site. Do you want more than TPC membership? If so, there are some great national and international organizations where you can get to know even more people who are nuts about computing.

And, last but not least, our "old faithfuls" should be given a proper 'farewell' for the endless hours they have served us. You can find some organizations in the "Homes for Used Computer Equipment" link that renew old equipment and redistribute it to people who would never otherwise see or afford a computer. These are worthwhile organizations, so consider giving them your support.

My view is that the "links" link is for everyone to use-as well as to help maintain if it is useful. It's a group TPC project as far as I'm concerned, so I encourage you to participate and make it something that reflects your needs. Please help keep the pages current by sending me a 15-second e-mail about out-of-date links. And please also feel free to send me the URLs of new links that you'd like to see posted to the list. Just use the pop-up mail window when you click on the "TPC Webmaster" link at the bottom of these pages. I maintain the "links" site only, whereas other TPC members maintain the other TPC site pages.

Thanks a bunch for helping to make this site one that you'll use and that will be of interest to other TPC members! That's why the "links" link is there. Happy Webbing!

Copyright 1997 by Pamela S. Saalbach.

All rights reserved.

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June, 1997

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