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Prez Sez -- July 1997

Pat Hughes

Community feeling of the TPC User's Club combined with the accessibility of the internet. Does that seem familiar?

How about if we dropped the BBS and went to Internet only?

That question will only get a reaction from a few people but that is what it is designed to do! We are not going to do anything soon but if I were you I would not want to be betting on being able to use the current BBS software a couple of years from now. Maybe something like it and maybe something completely different. But no input means that you approve of any changes we make! Unless you are giving us carte blanche to do as we like, please send in some comments either to me, or to the chit-chat or club-biz conferences or to the mailing lists.

Anyway, the discussions continue-you know how the TPC hates to rush into these things. <g> The mailing lists are picking up a bit more volume and if anyone remembers Todd Boyle then drop a message to and the subscribe message to that same address get replies-or if you prefer the condensed version then send the word subscribe to He is alive and well but don`t take my word for it. Say hello yourself!

I would also be happy if people would keep an eye on the mailing list (or conference) as well because that is where I send my questions and I always appreciate whatever help I can get-or give for that matter.

What other kind of help can the TPC give to you? Some suggestions of late have included getting our old computer equipment together and giving it to some worthy group like a school or club (after fixing it if necessary). Or how about education? There are a lot of members who have knowledge that they may be willing to impart to those not as well informed. The idea is good-do you know of any groups who might benefit from such an offer?

These ideas come from current members who would like to reach out and help those around them. It is nice to do some good for someone else instead of just aiming for profit all the time. Of course the feeling of good will that is generated is a form of profit in itself and for those who think in a more practical way then remember that the contacts you make while volunteering one day can sometimes pay off in other ways another time.

Any and all suggestions/requests welcome as ever.

A long time ago I said that I would mention new software here in this column. The truth is I have not tried much lately. Partition Magic really is magic compared to the old methods of fdisk & format to prepare a hard disk drive. It has worked for me for multilingual computing but a friend has a machine with a BIOS that refuses to respond well to OS changes and that goes for the above mentioned PM and for previously discussed Winboot. I have not tried other solutions on it yet and will not mention the make of the machine but I was surprised to hear that if you download and use the BIOS upgrade software that they put on their web site that you actually void your guarantee! So what do they put it up there for?

The only other new software that comes to mind is Windows 95. What is new in that? If you recall a few months ago I mentioned a utility to search your HDD for files based upon content and size. Well, you can do that with Windows 95 from the Start menu as well. I mention that because I only noticed it a while ago and when I showed a friend he was also surprised. And that was after both of us using the Win 95 since it came out!

Another handy usage was a right click on a directory name and then displaying Properties to see how much is actually in there. I have found a couple of areas that contained far more than I imagined and in fact ended up reclaiming 1.5 gigabytes from my 4.5GB+ system at work. That amounts to a lot of junk!

Now my deadline is met (giri-giri of course but a couple days ahead of last month) and it is back to other duties. Fascinating things I assure you and while some are related to the club some are not. For those of you are interested please remember that in a few short months we have elections. Thought about getting involved in the club more? You know that you can come to the executive meetings (a good chance for a drink and chat while doing club business) and I either mention when they are at the meeting or by mail.

But for those who have thought that they would like to really get involved-well keep an eye out for nominations in a couple of months!

In the meantime, have a good summer and I look forward to seeing/hearing from you at/after the meetings and through email.

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Algorithmica Japonica

July, 1997

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