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Prez Sez -- August 1997

Pat Hughes

Greetings and good weather to all!

Nice hot summer we're having here in Tokyo and I hope that everyone's air-conditioning or fans are working well. Do not forget about your computer's fans either of course-a friend of mine back in Boston keeps a full size room fan running 24 hours a day on his Pentium back in Boston but I don't think most of us need go to that extreme!

A number of TPC members have been very busy lately and in the next issue of the AJ we will hear more about their efforts regarding our club's connectivity with the rest of the world. However, recent reports about the net itself having problems in the States seem to indicate that having more than one option to keep in touch with is always a good idea.

Over the past few months the hard work of other members has resulted in us having enjoyed presentations on quite a variety of topics including ISDN, the Year 2000 problem, MS Office '97, Comdex etc. It is very nice for those of us who can't make it to those shows to receive a review in full color as well as to get a preview of Microsoft's latest packages. I have heard comments both positive and not so positive about the Office package but the little experience I have had with it shows that although some parts may need a little more work (Outlook comes to mind) others are well done. I will leave it for others making greater use to comment further-anyone care to contribute an article or comments about their experiences?

ISDN was another topic of interest and though I have yet to install it I have yet to meet anyone who has regretted it. Guess it is just a matter of time before I join them-may do it sooner if I end up playing more games over the net and still want to be able to use my phone at the same time. <g>

As for the Year 2000 problem it seems that opinions vary on this as well. Of course we can just wait until the Millennium New Year's arrives and then we'll know for sure. But there have been some reports (admittedly I have only heard a couple) already about cash cards with the year "00" being rejected. As a matter of fact my passport has an expiry date of "00" and my Gaijin card is good until the year 2000. Wonder if I stop being a Gaijin then? <g> In the meantime, my plans for that big tickover of the calendar are to be on the ground with a bit of cash in hand (more than a bit?) and no plans to go anywhere for a couple months. Anyone got more interesting plans? More daring plans?

Now it is time to sign off and get closer to the fan, open the window and the door, try to get a breeze going through the apartment and last, but not least, get a couple of hours sleep.

Have a good August, catch you at the next meeting or afterwards for a cold one at Shakey's or in the mail/newsgroups/conferences/etc!


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Algorithmica Japonica

August, 1997

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