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Prez Sez -- October 1997

Pat Hughes

Greetings and farewell - or hello again. The election takes place during the October meeting and if we have someone willing to stand up and take my place this is my farewell. If someone has not volunteered then I shall be here again for another year.

Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy the position and have met a lot of interesting people by standing up front at the meeting - and through what goes on behind the scenes as well. But this has been a very, very full year and more changes are on the horizon. For these reasons and in order to get new blood into the organization I do have a bit of a hope that this column will be taken over by someone else but in case it isn't....

Well then hello again!

What is coming up in the new year we are just starting?

The internet goes strong and our newsgroup presence is picking up (along with on-going mailing list and BBS of course as they still have roles to play). Along with some/many/most others I've weaned myself off the BBS and use NewsGroups to keep in touch with club members. This fits in very well with browsing the net. I also keep a couple of the NewsGroups/Conferences coming to me by mailing list so that the data comes to me when I'm doing e-mail - something that is a big part of my job and has to be done every day.

But not everyone is completely comfortable with the Internet yet. This is a very wide area that runs from e-mail to surfing, on-line radio to streaming video. "Chat" is very big yet I've not really delved into it myself. White-boarding has some very interesting potential for work and play but lack of bandwidth can really cramp its use. Speaking of play we of course have games that allow you to catch up with friends (or strangers) over the net - you are no longer limited by weather or location when you want to get together with someone to enjoy a game on a rainy day during a typhoon or when someone has left town/Japan.

In order to help TPC members get more comfortable with these new (and not so new) technologies members have been discussing getting better access at the current meeting location through a variety of methods. These include of course a wall telephone outlet (nearest is 20 meters away, not currently available for use and has proved temperamental in the past) and a somewhat more intriguing combination of keitai denwa (cordless/cellular phone) and/or antenna cable. Stay tuned - I'm curious to see how this works out too!

The idea of finding a location complete with computers and permanent internet connections has been suggested numerous times and if you know of a place that can fit between 40 and 70 people at a sitting please let us know! With all the computer companies entering the Japanese market perhaps one of them might be willing - do you know anyone at these companies?

Of course, in order to organize these presentations and demonstrations the Program Director position is very important and losing Mike Katoh from this position does leave us with a big vacancy for someone with connections or the energy to make those connections. I hope that we shall see this position filled very soon but please don't hesitate to volunteer your ideas and if possible time in order to help out your fellow members. This can be a great chance to talk to a captive audience of PC users whose backgrounds, as you have no doubt found, cover a wide variety of fields. The common ground for us all of course is the use of computers and this provides a connecting point for approximately ninety people coming together either monthly for the meetings or more often via e-mail.

Right then - I'll see you next month either sitting down beside you or perhaps standing once again up front? Either way, I look forward to participating in the club and I hope that you will join us again whether as audience or presenter!

Pat Hughes (Past?) President TPC

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Algorithmica Japonica

October, 1997

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