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Prez Sez -- December 1997

Pat Hughes

The end of the year is almost here and my Christmas shopping has yet to be started... well, its been years since I got it done on time anyway. <g> Here in Japan I am still not sure when people give presents anyway since you work Christmas day anyway! Of course, family back home won't buy that excuse so I will have to get started soon.

However, Christmas does make for a very good excuse to (a) send cards to people who you've been meaning to get in touch with all year long but never got around to or couldn't think of what to say and (b) to treat yourself to a new toy which, for many here, may be computer related.

Christmas cards...hmmm...a post office strike looms on the horizon back in Canada - feels just like the good old days when they seemed to strike every year at this time. But now that we have e-mail not only can we get around the inconvenience of striker and lockouts but we can also send a "card" (or at least message) mere days or even hours before Christmas and still get there on time. Now that is progress!

Since I intend to make use of this marvel of modern technology I looked around the web and below are some of the sites that specialize in these "Holiday Cards for the 90s." These sites turned out to be very interesting in a way that I hadn't expected...




1) My favourite - it has simple pictures, a typical greeting card poetry/message and you can add your own message as well. (One idea is to include in your message the address to your homepage so that people can come take a look at what you are up to or even pictures of yourself.) The best part is that the recipient only receives the e-mail address for the card which they can then go and look at when they want to. This way you can send a message without burdening someone with a huge file that will slow down their system - and that is a nice present!

2) This one is interesting and allows some customization but shows the risk of many companies that get their homepage up before the product is completed. They hang a "work in progress" sign on it and then hope that you'll come back later. Perhaps by the time you read this it will be functional but when I tried in November I was unable to send the card. But I probably will go back and check later unless I find something else in the meantime.

3) I think this site had the nicest pictures and I was really looking forward to testing and using it. The preview worked fine but when I went to send the card I was shown another side of the internet that may not be common but can be very inconvenient if not disastrous for the company who is a victim. I am of course assuming that the message is true and that the site isn't a scam or just unfinished. I hope the company gets up and going soon and I will check again. The message:



On Thursday Someone Broke In And Destroyed

Our Server

We will be back on line today Saturday



PLEASE Check Back Soon !

I wish them luck as their cards really were nice!

Holidays are definitely something I look forward to. With the Yen being as weak as it is right now I wish I was heading to Asia where the currencies are even weaker. Instead I'll be off to America for some training as per my new job in January. It will be cold in New England but a visit to family in Bermuda for Christmas and New Year's should balance out nicely against the cold and snow that I'll face later!

Because of that training I won't be able to greet you at the January meeting but I look forward to seeing you all in February. Maybe I'll have found some Valentines day card sites by then...

Whether here in Japan or abroad I wish everyone:

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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Algorithmica Japonica

December, 1997

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