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Prez Sez -- January 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

Happy New Year!

A new year begins and I wish everyone the best in 1998!

I am still recovering from moving to a new company with new responsibilities and opportunities and also moving to a new home. The former has kept me away from the first meeting of the year so we shall start 1998 with our vice president Ken Cotton at the helm and I will look forward to seeing people in February. The move will take me longer to recover from but the good news is that the TPC is not moving anywhere so once again we thank the Tokyo Union Church for letting us meet in their basement.

A big change is in store for one part of the TPC. The BBS. Several requests for feedback from the few who still use it have met with little or no response. I that speaks for itself really. The purpose of the BBS was well served in the past-communication between members (as well as access to the internet when that was rare or expensive) and also as a learning experience for those using it and even more for those taking care of it. Very few use it now and in the era of the internet fewer still want to learn the intricacies of taking care of it.

Objections? Speak up now or...use the internet!

When? The end of March 1998 is being discussed as we do have some members who joined in April 1997 to use the BBS and we of course want to keep our commitment to those members. I hope to contact each of those still on the BBS to say thank you for your patronage and to offer assistance with the switchover.

HTML, LAN, WAN, Intranet, ISP, TPC/IP, Java, ActiveX, SMTP, Domain, cookies...

The above is a very short list of the terms that some of us new to the Internet world have yet to come to grips with. The lucky already know the basics and the luckiest will ask someone else to take care of it for them. Not many of us can do that and would like to broaden our understanding of the essentials. My understanding is rather basic so if you have a good understanding and would like to share your knowledge (or can introduce someone else who would like to) then please do not hesitate to contact one of the executives you see listed on the inside cover of the AJ.

At this point I will have to cut short my usual ramblings as I have to catch a plane in... 6 hours! Ouch! And I've yet to finish packing or setting up my new notebook (thank you to Micron not only for an interesting presentation in December but also for getting an English notebook to me on such short notice). I'll let you know next time how that goes-in fact it will no doubt be coming to the meetings with me when we need a machine.

I will also be checking out GOL's Global Roaming service from the U.S. and Bermuda (and other countries around Asia in 1998) and will let you know how that goes. I am sure that other software will come into my hands and I shall write about those-any requests?

One bit of software I have finally decided to use and like so far -- MSInternet Explorer Mail. I've only used it for a couple of days (and I will keep using Eudora as well of course) but I like the fact that I can up/download mail and do other messages at the same time. Maybe Eudora 3.0 had this but I only got as far as 2.2J.

Until February...

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Algorithmica Japonica

January, 1998

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