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Cover Picture April 1998 AJ articles:

Loose Canons

by Shannon Jacobs

This is very much a personal opinion piece, and not such nice opinions, either, so I better start with an even stronger disclaimer than usual. This time I'm grinding an ax, so be careful the flakes don't get in your eyes. My thesis is simple - I think makers' reps in the stores do more harm than good.

Ionic Column

by David Parry

Getting wired?

And telecommunications could be a big topic for me soon. A short while ago I get a brochure from Telekom, asking if I would like to be a beta tester for ADSL, aka cable modems.

The Midnight Writer - April 1998

by Mike Lloret

I've just bought a house in Kumagaya, in the wilds of Saitama Prefecture.


Prez Sez - April 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes  on earthquakes and setting up your ISDN.

Tomb Raider is Engrossing

by Kevin Ryan

It's true. Last week in the Yomiuri there was an article about it. He said it was an accident. Then police found lots of beer cans, some drugs, a shotgun or ten, and the clincher. A copy of Tomb Raider. The resulting mixture ended with the untimely death of one monitor. Evidently, he had gotten mad after being frustrated by the computer game, and used his shotgun to end his misery.

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April, 1998

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