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Prez Sez - May 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

End of the BBS

At long last it has come to pass - the BBS plug was pulled (literally) at the Executive's Meeting on April 8. Long live the Internet! Is it too early to wonder what will replace it in a few years?

With the BBS no longer running it is necessary to clean up the equipment that was used for so long to keep it running. Until this last year the equipment was located first at the Sysop's house and then at a company office (thanks to Charlie Lipton), but since last year the Black Lion has been kind enough to provide us with a location.

We cleaned out a few items after the Exec meeting at which we turned the system off. A number of items remain as well of course as the CDs from the old CD library. I have mentioned before that anyone who in the past donated CDs wanted them back to please let me know but have not had any responses. So I will bring them along to the May meeting and people may pick through them to see if there is anything of interest. Donations to the club are welcome but since I don't want to take them home we will give them away if necessary.

The move from the BBS to the Internet as a method of communication is quite complete as I am sure many are aware. Within the homepage are numerous links to everything from member information to the club's constitution - which we are currently looking at in order to revise it to reflect such things as the demise of the BBS. Take a read through if you like though I will admit it is a little dry.

Of course all of this takes time and effort to maintain so we ask that if any members can help with updating the homepage that you please contact the webmaster. This can be looked upon as a good chance either to learn new skills or practice old ones depending upon your experience to date!

By the time you read this it will be May and summer will have begun (28 degrees recently) and your Golden Week vacation will be over. I hope you enjoyed it because as you know the hot rainy season is about to begin here in Japan (well Tokyo - Hokkaido is a little more civilized) and that will be followed by more heat and (I hope) less rain.

What does all that mean for computing? Not a lot really. Some people are more cautious about where they place their computers (e.g., not in front of the window - especially the floppy disks!) and others are more concerned about catching colds while sitting in offices with the thermostat turned down to 19C (or lower on the trains?). We also see some members take vacations (to get away from the weather is one reason) and some leave permanently as contracts come to an end.

I must say that one trend that has increased lately is members who only come for presentations rather than signing up for a full year. This is understandable from the math point of view and when you end up coming every meeting the club actually receives more <thanks :-)> but it brings up the question of whether people would like to go to a "pay as you attend" method rather than pay for a year at a time. Just a thought and not something that we have decided to change but if you have an opinion on this please let me know.

I have noticed that my little "PrezSez" has gotten longer lately with the inclusion of comments on new software that I have tried. I was thinking about separating the software talk from the club talk. However, this month I haven't tried too much new stuff so I'll leave it together this time.

LapLink vs. Win 95's Direct Cable Connection

Has anyone ever got this working? I know one guy at work who eventually found out that you had to make the user names and passwords of both machines the same. Fine if you only talk between your office machine and your notebook but not very sensible between your machine and the guy's beside you.

I don't know if the above is still necessary but I spent several hours recently to try to get this working to no avail. The on-line help and troubleshooting seem very good but still...what amused me was among the very last messages concerning what kind of cable to buy is that a LapLink cable doesn't work. I of course had one of those...

So I finally installed LapLink for Win95. I had used the previous version a couple of years ago when I gave up on the Windows Direct Cable methods. Worked good this time again though I'm not sure if the occasional crash upon closing down is due to Japanese Win95 or the order that I'm closing the software down (host before guest or vice versa?).

Anyway I got LapLink going and my files copied across. You can do much more than that of course (Remote Control, Synchronization, etc) but that was all I needed at this time.

If anyone does figure out the Win95 software please let me know - just so I can figure out what I did wrong!

ICQ vs...

Well, ICQ is a Chat style program which many others in the club have already used but I've only just gotten around to it. There seem to be a number of similar programs (AIM from AOL I think and NetMeeting from Microsoft) which I intend to try out. My use of ICQ is still limited but it is handier than sending e-mail back and forth and waiting for replies to your replies. Of course this means that two (or more?) parties must be online at the same time but it is handy.

By the time the next AJ comes out I hope to have tried at least one other package. Until then, if anyone has used these or other similar packages please let me know. A brief article would be very welcome and a nice break from people reading about my attempts. <g>

To sum up - articles on the above or any other topic are very welcome. If you want to attend the next Executive Meeting and hear what is happening in the background (or just join us for a drink or two) then the Black Lion in Meguro is where we will probably be from 7:00 p.m. Contact me for the date. We hope to take care of the rest of the BBS equipment that night and that alone might be a good reason to come along - or chat about the Constitution that sits in the background of this club.

Any and all members welcome - I'll see you there or at the next general meeting! Pat.

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Algorithmica Japonica

May, 1998

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