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Index for June 1998

AOL Instant Messenger

by Gary Wolff

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a cool online chat service, the AOL Instant Messenger, by my know-it-all, early adopter, world traveler, children's entertainer friend, Mr. Ken Cotton.


HP Printer Nightmares

by Sigi Rindler

Recent printer problems have cost me more hair than I can afford. Let me dedicate this review to a couple of HP LaserJet printers and the accompanying problems when you need support in Japan.

Ionic Column - June 1998

by David Parry gets Win95 just after Win98 comes out. More hardware problems solved as he gets TWO systems up and running at the same time.


An Introduction to IP Addresses: Part 2

by Kurt Keller

IP addresses (part 2) - one size does not fit all


What do you do if you own a C-class, but have five departments with 10 to 20 hosts each and need to have separate networks for each department?


Ken's Kafe

by Ken Cotton.

I was asked over 3 weeks ago to write a bit about the ISDN line that we just had installed in the basement of the church. As usual, the deadline has come and been slightly extended so I can get it in. Like in high school when I would decide to clean my room the night before a test, I have put this off until the last minute. If you see it in the June issue, that means I made it.

The Midnight Writer -- June 1998

by Mike Lloret

The first thing I want to say this issue is that what I really wanted to do was to give this space to recent TPC monthly meeting presenter Robinson (of Alien Bug fame) for a long-awaited review of Bryce 2, which adorns -- there really isn't any better word -- his great website, Robinson's Brain on the Web. You ought to visit and look around; it's a great site, at well worth some serious wandering in.


Prez Sez - June 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

This month I've decided to let members do as much of the "writing" of this column as possible. You hear from me all the time but for a change I'll be including some comments from members - let's see what YOU have to say for a change! <g>

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June, 1998

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