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ajcov9807_l.GIF (20268 bytes) Index for July 1998 AJ

Dreamweaver Review

by Robinson

I'm one of those who lands squarely in the hands-on HTML coding camp. I subscribe to the hands-on approach for a number of good, solid reasons, not the least of which is building portable, understandable, and editable code. Surprisingly, these are the same reasons why Dreamweaver, a new WYSIWYG authoring tool, is about to make a convert out of me. Or at least partially so.


Ionic Column - July 1998

by David Parry

on Jaz Drive problems and speedy ADSL modems.


An Introduction to IP Addresses: Part 3

by Kurt Keller

IP addresses (part 3) - getting from here to there

This is the third and last part of my insights into IP addresses. In the first part I was talking about what IP addresses are, about DNS and the A-, B-, C-class address space. In part two followed an explanation of subnets. Today we want to dive a little bit into the world of routing.


The Midnight Writer - July 1998

by Mike Lloret

It's a little early, but I'm already thinking of my wish list for Christmas. It must be all of the presentations I've heard recently by engineers who are striving mightily to get some new device or component out the door fast enough for their manufacturer clients to get them into new systems in time for the holidays.


Old is New...

by Patrick Unterlerchner

In the May 1998 issue of the AJ, our president, Pat Hughes, mentioned the Black Lion in Meguro. This month, I suggest to put the Lion in a cage, underneath the cover of your old but "suki na" PC.


Prez Sez - July 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

Greetings TPC members...

Another Hoax virus...

Suggestions for meetings...

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July, 1998

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