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Prez Sez - July 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

Greetings TPC members...

This month I have had writer's block and in a big way. Ouch. Okay, let's follow last month's example and see what I can "adopt" from the newsgroups...before I get so overdue with this that I miss the issue entirely!

Another Hoax virus...

Suggestions for meetings...

Let's start with the last one first as we might be selecting from that list for this evening's meeting. If not please keep them in mind for the following month. We could all dig into the topics that interest most people or we could do a round table session.

Suggestions for meetings...

1) Security on the Net - what you can do

and how to set MSIE/Netscape/etc

2) WebWhacker type apps that let you pull

down a site to your hard disk and cut

down your on-line time.

3) Phoning via the Internet - showing it in

action (I have a brother in Bermuda

who will be getting up that time if we

want to 'use' them)

4) NetMeeting, Chat, other such tools

5) Newsgroups - glance at what is out

there for the novices not hooked up yet

For anyone wanting to send something to our members or mailing lists and were using the ending please be sure to use instead. Now that the BBS is completely dismantled... well, you get the picture I think. If I may quote the source of this news:

"Mail addressed using will get to its destination faster (and you'll save the club some money).Please use the form of addresses for club members and mailing lists whenever possible."

Another Hoax virus...

I forget what the virus was that started this thread in the newsgroups but virus hoaxes do come up now and then so if you want to check them out before sending out the word to everyone you might want to check the following sites as provided by Ken - thanks! virus/alerthoax.html

BBS: pieces picked up and taken away.

Yes, the BBS is completely gone now - physically as well as theoretically. Hope you've all gotten used to the idea of Newsgroups and e-mail. I have even seen some of the die hard BBS users make the move (no names but you know who you are :-) so if they can make the big move - and even say nice things about it - I am sure that we can all make the adjustment!

In fact, while I won't say it was impossible with the BBS, it certainly seems that the more open access to the Internet world of the Newsgroups has brought a wider audience to our members. While still focussed upon the core issue of bilingual computer in Japan we occasionally see questions (and perhaps answers as well?) coming from Sweden, the U.S. and I think there was one from Australia recently. The final decision will take time and some will disagree but it would appear that the added input is to the advantage of the club members both in Japan and abroad!

To throw in a bit of news about TPC website I quote the following from a recent observation made by those in the know:

"I was looking through the usage summary this morning and noticing that yesterday people on three continents read a total of 469 articles (with a surprising 86 of them being through the web newsreader). That doesn't count the folks that use the mailing lists to get copies of the articles. Seems pretty good for a club our size."

I might add that I was warned that this may (and in fact probably does) include multiple hits by the same people but still it is good to see that many people are enjoying the efforts of those working hard to keep the site and its contents so up-to-date!

In case you are wondering just what the size of the club is we are currently at approximately 80 members. This is the low side of a cycle that has been double this number at times. Considering the predominantly foreign make-up of the membership and how many foreigners I've seen leave the country since the bursting of the bubble I think we are doing quite well.

But we do continue to welcome new members just as we also welcome your input. Articles, suggestions/requests for presentations - you make them and we will see about setting them up.

Of course if you can do the presentation yourself then I we would like to offer the added incentive of a one year club membership as the club's way of saying "Thank You."

Until next time (and counting down August, September and October articles to write :-) this is your current president, Pat.

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Algorithmica Japonica

July, 1998

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