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Cover Picture Index for August 1998 AJ

Let's go to Babylon!

by Sigi Rindler

Not the city on the Euphrates but Babylon in or from Israel! Since I subscribe to a couple of mailing lists for translators, I have found translation software called Babylon. To make it palatable even to the poorest socks in the business, it is completely free...


E-Mail for the Office

by Kurt Keller

Four years ago only very few people had it, nowadays it has become a must-have: e-mail at the office. Hardly any company, however small it may be, can afford not to have an e-mail address.

Ionic Column - August 1998

by David Parry

The two main topics that were hanging in the air at the end of last month were Windows 98 and ADSL. In both cases there is a certain amount to say, but not as much as I had hoped.

The Midnight Writer - August 1998

by Mike Lloret

This issue of the Algorithmica Japonica is an example of one of life's "good news, bad news" situations.

The good news is that, thanks to the 'net, Publisher Paul Cipywnyk and I are able to put the newsletter together even though he is currently in Canada. The bad news is that he's going to be leaving Japan for good pretty soon, and will be leaving the Publisher's job some time this Fall.


I Want a Notebook Computer

by Shannon Jacobs

Back when I worked on the fourth floor at Sofmap's Chicago store, many customers would arrive with the fuzzy idea of getting a laptop computer, and would ask which one they should buy. This article is an attempt to summarize the advice I usually offered.


Prez Sez - August 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

The rains are falling as I write this - more so than in the rainy season which remains tagged to a date rather than a season. Life in Japan as usual <g> Once again I looked around the newsgroups to see what is happening in the club and for those who missed it here you go!

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Screaming Down the Wire

by Charlie McDermott

VTC. Video Teleconferencing.

The days of gathering everyone from a building or from a geographic region into one room for a meeting are numbered. It is too inefficient in terms of wear and tear on the tired executive as well as wear and tear on the budget.

VTC is a natural that has been waiting for a few final pieces before it takes off running:

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Algorithmica Japonica

August, 1998

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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