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Prez Sez - August 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

Hope this finds all in good health and I'll be reminding Ken when I see him next that pretty soon this will be his job - assuming that he moves smoothly up into the top slot?

The rains are falling as I write this - more so than in the rainy season which remains tagged to a date rather than a season. Life in Japan as usual <g> Once again I looked around the newsgroups to see what is happening in the club and for those who missed it here you go!

  • TPC Newsgroups
  • Windows '98
  • TPC News/Mail Server 1 Year Old!
  • Mr. Akihabara
  • Spam
  • TPC Newsgroups

Do people still have trouble getting newsgroups? Ask at the next meeting if you do and we can quickly show you on-screen how to go about it.

Or you can use your browser to go to

and see the newsgroups there by clicking on the word "Newsgroups" at the top of the page. This will give you access to any group you select with your Web browser (or newsreader if it has been set up).

I am sure you will be impressed - you can see the threaded topics being discussed, you can post to the group, or you can look down at the bottom of the screen and find out about Linux and Python that have been used to make this possible. You can even contact the fellow who makes this work and perhaps offer to help or learn how you too can contribute to the club's electronic presence. :-)

Windows 98

Well, Microsoft made it past the U.S. government (got a lot of extra PR.) and are out in the market around the world with Win98 now. But how many people are rushing out to buy it? Certainly not as many as Win95 but I read today that 1 million copies have been either sold or installed. Not bad for a system upgrade that many don't consider to be major!

I have yet to install it but if I were getting a new machine or doing a complete re-install of my system I would. Why? Easier to install Win98 than look for OSR2 (or Win95b) and all the add-on drivers. I am due for an install soon as it has been over 6 months now but I will wait a little longer - perhaps until the patch release of Win98 rumoured to be coming in September?

Or at least until I hear a bit more from our members who have decided to dive in and test the "bleeding edge." I think we can guess who that might be - how is it going Ken? <g>

Windows World Tokyo '98

At our last meeting Mike Kato, who had been to the show the previous day, told us that the big news was Windows 98. (Or so I recall - my apologies if I remember incorrectly.)

However, someone else (I forget who I pulled this quote from - sorry) disagreed and listed several items that were big at the show:

  1. Large LCD panels are invading the desktop!
  2. Digital cameras are still hot.
  3. How slim the notebooks are getting.

Good to hear about cameras and notebooks as I am looking around myself. If you didn't make it to the show yourself and want to read more comments about the show you will have to check the newsgroups to see the rest of the observations.

TPC News/Mail Server 1 Year Old!

Thanks to the generosity of Ken Cotton, the TPC news and mail server has had a permanent connection to the Internet for a year now.

Looking at the statistics from last July, it looks like we then had 4 or 5 regular news readers. We're currently at around 25 to 30 (it is getting hard to get the number exactly given the large number of dial-up IP connections). People have read (or at least downloaded :-) as many of 2037(!) articles in a single day.

I don't know how that compares with the old BBS usage but it means a fair bit of activity and not only from members, as we previously mentioned that people from several continents were checking in. This has recently included one attempt to crack the web server but the man in charge knows what he is up to and they don't appear to have been successful this time. I'm sure this will provide a challenge on both ends!

Note too that in reply to a recent question about exchange rates it was noted that you can search the newsgroups for topics:

Mr. Akihabara

I think that most people have gone on at least one tour with Sigi by now and made good use of his advice. Recently, the Tokyo Journal got interested in what Sigi has been up to so you will be able to read about his tours in the magazine in the near future.

For those of you who have seen all those little shops under the trains, Sigi recently mentioned that "some world-famous companies have grown out of tiny radio repair shops under the tracks of the Sobu line. Casio is one example."

I don't know if we'll see another example like this in the near future but you never know.


Anyone get the following?

"Don't wait another minute! Earn a monthly residual income & KEEP your family and friends! You do not need to sell a thing! How does $595 a month sound to start? You have the monthly potential of $14,565!!!"

I won't advertise for this and give you the address but I will mention that spam happens with ordinary mail as well. In the past two weeks I have received two items: one to find out my family history...

"Procedures for entitlement to share up to $2.3 Million* for Pat Hughes."

"You Pat Hughes are going to be in a book... and I can learn the history of the "Hughes" clan who came over to America in 1775."

The first one has some extremely small print (complete with misspellings) that says they are not connected with the government even though you get that impression at first. As for the second one - well, my parents only came over from the old country in 1958 so I don't think they'll be mentioning me in the book - which they will be printing *after* they receive the orders.

The Internet makes it easier to deliver and receive but spam has been around for a long, long time.

That is what has been going on amongst some of the members. It is always good to hear from people in the newsgroups or by mail - does anyone meet face to face or use a phone in Tokyo anymore? Well, more than once a month that is...

I shall be seeing those who have not escaped for vacation at the August meeting and then I will be taking a vacation myself. I should be here for the September meeting but after that - well I'll be back next year probably at least for a visit. I'll definitely drop in to say hello at that time and I hope that you will help the club in the meantime with ideas, presentations and all the other important details that keeps the club going.

Until then, Pat.

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Algorithmica Japonica

August, 1998

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