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Cover Index for September 1998 AJ

Ionic Column - September 1998

by David Parry

August can be a slow month, but I have been kept as busy as always after returning from holiday at the end of July. So when am I going to find the time to reinstall some programs or new ones such as Web Whacker, figure out how to use the new ones, and sort out my hard disk with a view to archiving some of the more antique files onto a CD-ROM?

The Midnight Writer

by Mike Lloret

I'm happy to report that the recent torrential rains have not succeeded in washing me or my house and garden away. Yet. As I write this the night before the absolutely final deadline, as usual my ears are being assaulted by the racket of the rain bucketing down outside,

PC Phone Home

by Ken Cotton

I've always liked phones and hated phone bills, so over 3 years ago when I heard about Vocaltec's Internet Phone software I downloaded it and tried to test it with a friend living in Taiwan. It was exciting the first time I heard his voice come out of my PC speakers. It didn't matter that it seemed to be taking around 30 seconds to get from his mouth to my ears. I knew that history was in the making and like everything else it would get better.

Prez Sez - September 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

G'Day from Down Under - otherwise known as Australia! Though I am back for a bit (before disappearing again for a few months or more) I was in Australia when I wrote this. At Ayer's Rock actually - quite the place and even here there is access to the Internet (courtesy of the local library). One thing that I have learned while on the road - being without a computer is a bit of a pain.


TPC Server/Linux

by Paul Cipywnyk

Ken provides the all-important 24/7 link to the Internet. He's got an NTT OCN 128K account at his home, and has been hosting the club's server on an old 486. Jim set up the server, and though he's been asking members to take a more active role in its maintenance, he still does 95% of the system administration work.

The server runs the free Linux operating system. What's Linux? If you haven't caught the gathering Linux wave, let me fill you in a bit.

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Algorithmica Japonica

September, 1998

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