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ajcov9810_l.gif (11909 bytes) Index for October 1998 AJ

Good Enough... And Getting Better!

by Ken Cotton

On MP3, Domain Name Registration and WebDrive.


Ionic Column -- October 1998

by David Parry

On SuperDisk, Imation, translating and reading minds, software and more software.


The Midnight Writer

by Mike Lloret

This is Paul Cipywnyk's last issue as Publisher, and - to paraphrase the well-known epitaph - I knew it was coming, but not this soon. Midnight Writer also welcomes the new editor.

Prez Sez - October 1998

A Message From President Pat Hughes

Hello TPC members! I am definitely in the ex-Prez category by now and I would like to congratulate the new president and of course that even more important position of vice-president!  Maybe we should rename this column the wanderer. More on Notebooks and accessing the Internet from strange places.


Ruling the Webcache

by Kurt Keller

The Task

A reliable HTTP/FTP cache for a company. In a first stage about 300 users, in a second stage about 1,000, in the end the number will possibly grow to over 5,000 users. Only selected users are to be able to use the webcache. One group of users is allowed access from 07:00 to 19:00 weekdays, another group 7 x 24 hours and a third group 7 x 24 hours including FTP. It must be possible to exactly verify who accessed what resources. A method to block certain sites must be given. Time to implement is only two weeks. The Solution: Squid.

Swan Song? A potpourri for "my" last AJ

by Paul Cipywnyk

It's been a great ride since I started my turn as publisher of the AJ with the January 1996 issue. Here's a final page-filler for "my" last newsletter. Paul discusses how to open a file in Win98 after the desktop gets updated, and AskSam WebSaver.


Stop the Web Ad Avalanche!

by Sigi Rindler

After being inactive in the AJ for awhile, I thought that it's finally time to speak up and tell you that I have found something on the net which every serious web surfer will love. It's a plug-in that strips out banner ads, cookies, animated GIFs, background music, etc.

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Algorithmica Japonica

October, 1998

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