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The Midnight Writer

by Mike Lloret

As I write this, a day which started out bright and sunny has turned into one of those wet, windy, bleak days of which we have had far too many lately. For once, though, the day has changed to match my mood instead of vice versa.

Farewell, and thanks!

This is Paul Cipywnyk's last issue as Publisher, and - to paraphrase the well-known epitaph - I knew it was coming, but not this soon. Of course, Paul was gracious and professional enough to give us plenty of warning, and even to actively participate in the search for his own successor, but I'm as subject to denial as the next fellow, so reading his "swan song" article brought the reality home to me late, but strong. Paul's been a really good friend as well as an inimitable and staunchly supportive colleague. He's had to put up with a great deal as Publisher, and he has been consistently uncomplaining, innovative, and ingenious. The man's positively indomitable. It has been both an honor and an education working with him, and I'm sure I'll not be the only one in the TPC to miss him. Many thanks, Paul, for everything.

Pat Hughes is off on the next leg of his journey through life, too...another good friend and staunch supporter of the TPC has moved on. I hope that Pat keeps in touch as he hints in his article that he will, and I hope to be able to have a drink (or two, or twelve) again with both our ex-President and our ex-Publisher, sooner rather than later. We've had a lot of good times, guys, and I owe you both a lot. Full sails and a following sea to you both.

Welcome aboard!

Speaking of drinks, I'm looking forward to working with the new Publisher, Morteza Mousavi, starting with next issue. He'll be the third Publisher I've worked with since taking over the editor's job (you don't suppose I drive them away, do you?), and I have only been able to meet him briefly so far, and since I was helping run a friend's bar at the time, I didn't have much chance to talk much with him. I hope to remedy that soon. Welcome aboard, Morteza!

New deadline

After careful consideration, I have decided to move the official deadline for AJ submissions to the 15th of the month before publication. So, for an article to be published in the November issue, I'd like to have the "manuscript" by October 15th. Yes, I know that seems like a long lead time, but since taking over the editor job, it has been my firm intention to ensure that the AJ is ready in time to be distributed at the monthly meting, and that has become increasingly difficult as my paying job's workload and other factors, including my new location, conspire to put ever more serious limits on my available time, and particularly on the time that I spend at home, where I do most of the editing. As always, I much prefer emailed submissions (either typed into the message or attached), but will accept faxes or floppies or even snail-mailed material. I hope that this neither inconveniences our treasured regular contributors nor discourages new ones, but my position is that if I find that I cannot have confidence that I will consistently get the AJ out in time for the meeting, then I should step aside and let somebody more capable than I take a shot at the Editor's job. Stay tuned.

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Algorithmica Japonica

October, 1998

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