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Swan Song? A potpourri for "my" last AJ

by Paul Cipywnyk

It's been a great ride since I started my turn as publisher of the AJ with the January 1996 issue. Here's a final page-filler for "my" last newsletter.

I'd like to thank editor Mike Lloret for starting me off in the position, and for his unflappable approach to getting the newsletter out every month. I'd also like to thank the regular contributors who've made life easier for us - you know who you are. I won't start a list in case I forget somebody. Look at the table of contents - those are all "regulars" and if you look at previous issues, you'll see a steady pattern of other names.

This leads me to one final Publisher's Plea. We need fresh contributors. I won't harp on this, I've ranted often enough on the topic in the club's newsgroups. But, please, get in touch with Mike, or the new publisher as of the next issue Morteza Mousavi ( with any story proposals you have. Thank you.

How do I create a new folder in W95?

Believe it or not, that was the subject line of a post I sent to the "" newsgroup a few weeks ago. I'd installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01on my Win95 system, and File:New disappeared from my Explorer menu, and the New command was gone when I right-clicked on the Desktop.

I searched the MS support site on the Internet, but couldn't find anything. Then Jim Tittsler set me on the right track in a response to my post. He found an article on the MS site that addressed my problem - in the process showing he has a much better grasp of search parameters than I do :-). Jim's succinct answer was:

It expected you to keep the Desktop Update component.

Aha! The article tells one how to tinker with the Registry if one loses the New command. Rather than fool with the Registry, I simply fired up MSIE 4 and used the Help:Product Updates menu item to reinstall Desktop Update. And - File:New was back.

This episode didn't assuage my general unease with MSIE 4. I'd delayed installing v4 for a long time, as I was leery of how deeply it sinks its hooks into the OS. But it seems that more programs require v4 to run, that MS has patched most of the bugs, and if I continue using MS OSes, sooner or later I'll run into the v4 interface.

Everything has been running fine for the last couple of weeks and MSIE 4 is actually quite nice, (especially after one turns off the resource-hogging Active Desktop and the irritating Channel Bar). I still use Netscape Communicator as my default browser, but I've noticed I'm playing with MSIE 4 almost daily.

askSam SurfSaver

Recently I started using SurfSaver by askSam, which makes the famous free-form askSam database software. Here's a highly edited version of a description of SurfSaver from the website:

SurfSaver creates a searchable archive from information you collect on the Internet. It permanently stores Web pages in searchable folders so you can search the information you collect even when you're not connected to the Internet.

You can collect thousands of pages on a subject and use SurfSaver to search and organize them.

You have a permanent copy of the pages you save. You don't have to worry about the information changing or disappearing from the Internet.

SurfSaver saves pages complete with formatting including graphics, frames, and hypertext links.

Enter notes and comments about the pages you save.

I downloaded the 30-day trial from the site. It's worked as advertized, and I've coughed up US$29.95 to register it. I'm sure it'll be useful.

As you can see in the screenshot, I've created folders for info on various topics and for a few companies. The Revenue Canada folder contains Customs information on how to "import" our pet turtle to Canada :-)

Well, that's it, gang. Best of luck to the new publisher. If you need more foreign correspondents, give me a shout.


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October, 1998

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