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A Message From President Ken Cotton

"I promise to attend as many meetings as I can." Not much of a presidential acceptance speech, but that's all I could think to say at the time. Maybe I can say a little more here. First off, I'd like to thank a lot of people; The members that attended the meeting and voted, Mike Kato for offering to help out with programs as Vice President, and especially Pat Hughes for doing such a fine job as president over the past two years. And had he not warned me about writing monthly here this page or space might have been blank this month.

And thanks to Mike Lloret and Paul Cipywnyk for getting the newsletter out every month for so long. Most of you know that Paul our former'publisher is leaving town in a matter of days and that we now have a new publisher, whose name I must now commit to memory. Thanks to Morteza Mousavi for joining us just in the nick of time. We'll do our best to make your job run smoothly. Good luck. Let's keep to those deadlines.

Also thanks to past president Kevin Ryan for offering to get the newsletter up online in a timely fashion. We have been running about a year behind, but Paul recently went nuts and handed over about a year of articles ready to be linked. Wow! You have to be between careers to do something like that. Good luck, Paul, and we'll be seeing you online in the newsgroups. You handled culture shock when you came here, you'll have no problem when you get back to Canada.

There really is a lot going on in the club and it is a good time for others to get more involved. I started out 5 years ago sitting quietly in the back at the meetings and decided to volunteer to send out the newsletter after realizing it was my time to put back. I quickly learned how to create labels and where the main post office was in Ikebukuro. Around the same time, at the suggestion of Todd Boyle, I had started an unofficial public member list so that members could stay in touch between meetings. I learned a bit about MS Access in the process.

The list was migrated over to the Internet and is now maintained by our webmasters and can be updated via a form located on our site. ( One thing I've been trying to do is get members to get their latest email addresses in there so we can contact them quickly in case of a change in the meeting date.

Speaking of which, there is one this month. I'm sure that a few people will show up on the first Thursday when we usually meet, but I'm going to do my best to get the word out so that at least all members know that the meeting is the 12th, the second Thursday, due to a conflict with another event at the hall.

In the time since I was doing that other stuff and now, I've spent two years as Pat Hughes' right hand man. Much of the time we have lacked a Program Director, so I've done what I can, but I imagine everyone is sick of me up there. I sure am. With newly-elected vice president Mike Kato and I helping I don't think there is a better time for someone to stand up and try out this position. We are out and about a lot and have lots of leads, but would really rather have someone else in charge of it all.

Speaking of out and about. Mike and I will be attending Comdex in Las Vegas this November and should be leaving the day after the next TPC meeting. We have both decided to attend the events held starting the Saturday before of the APCUG - Association of PC Users Groups. I went last year and learned that they have so much to offer a group like ours. We decided last week that TPC will continue its membership into next year. I think that is a smart move. Check them out at

I'm drifting a bit here, but I'm happy to say that I have confirmed reservations with my return flight being a nonstop flight to Narita from Vegas. This flight goes twice per week and was added by Northwest over the summer. And can you believe it is only Y66,000 round trip, tax included?

I'm in the process of helping/pushing our new execs get up into the newsgroups to discuss the future of the club. If any of you haven't seen what we have you owe it to yourself to check them out. Ask me if you need any help. It's worth the effort. A newsreader, with it's threading and archiving, sure beats the pants off of trying to get things done in a group via email.

We are working on the programs for the next few months and have lots of possibilities but nothing certain yet. Suggestions are very welcome as are leads. We really want to get speakers in that have something that most of us want to hear. I, for one, have had enough of that guy Ken Cotton up there talking so much about Internet telephony. <g> If you don't contact us with suggestions you only have yourselves to blame. ;-)

You know, I'm hoping to get this off to our editor and new publisher to make their job as easy as possible this month. So I am going to end now. And if possible I will get another article in on some other stuff. Enough of club business. On with the fun! That's what it's all about. This Internet thing RULES!

See you all at the meetings and elsewhere. Hope you are getting as much out of the club now as I have been getting over the past years. I could never do enough putting back. Thanks.

Ken Cotton

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November, 1998

The Newsletter of the Tokyo PC Users Group

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