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Algorithmica Japonica

December, 1998

For an Acrobat (pdf) Version of the AJ in its glorious entirety, click here.

wpe4.jpg (46662 bytes)

Midnight Writer

Fooling with the graphics and the preliminary layout was certainly time-consuming, but what was more worrisome was the noticeable slowdown in The Brute’s response. Sluggish is about the nicest thing I could call it. But I did finally get the thing made and sent, and staggered off to bed for four hours of sleep...more than I’d had in a night since last weekend. The nightmare began after I woke up, though.

Role Playing Game Pre-Review

The PBEM (Play be Email) RPG we’re testing out is in the very capable hands of Micky Gunn, our lovely, intelligent, witty, multi-talented, and very devious and crafty Dungeon Master.


Wandering Ex-Prez

Still on the road and having fun with telephone cards and keeping in touch via computers in Internet Cafés, Internet businesses, airports, libraries and friends and relatives. Let me share some comments on a couple of those sites and experiences over the past month.

IBM's Biggest Hard Drive

Jerry Suppan takes on a tour through history and the future of big hard drives.

Ken Fermoyle on Fonts  and Type

Ken Fermoyle & The Art of Computer Maintenance

Keep It Clean! (Part 1) A cardinal rule of computer maintenance

If cleanliness is next to godliness, we computer users are an irreverent lot! That's the considered opinion of many computer maintenance and repair specialists.

Ionic Columnist David Parry discusses the program of the year, looks at the future of operating systems and has some unwanted guests.

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