May 1999,     Release16.5 Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC users  group By Stuart Wood ward  P. 3      The Midnight Writer        Mike Lloret 4      Prez Sez          Ken Cotton 5      TPC Website          6      Ex-Prez         Pat Hughes 8     Mark West’s Monthly Feature             Mark West 10   Web surfing  from a floppy 12     Dr. Simon Says     13     Ionic Column Akihabara Tour on Sunday, May 16th, 11AM Mr Akihabara, Sigi Rindler, will be conducting another of his famous Akihabara walking tours on Sunday, May 16th  leaving at 11am sharp. This is a great opportunity to find where to shop in Akihabara from Sigi and some of TPC's other "professional shoppers."