June 1999      Release 16.6 3        The Midnight Writer has good news for a           change. 4        Get all the exciting news about TPC from           Prez Sez 5        What are the secrets of PC maintenance  and           troubleshooting?    Mark West 6        What is the the Real  Value of the Internet?             Read this fascinating account of how it’s           going to shape your life.  Vice Prez Sez         9      Problems with your printer? Dr. Simon 10      The ultimate guide to shopping in Aki          habara:  learn how to shop cheap from the          man who knows it all, Mr. Akihabara.   13      The Englishman in exile, David Parry          shares the secrets of  Windows with you in          the Ionic Column   TPC Goes to Akihabara again.  May 16, 1999 Photo by Austin Hicks  Algorithmica  Japonica