July 1999      Release 16.7 What is the the Real  Value of the Internet?  Read Part II  of this  account of  how it’s going to shape your life.  Vice Prez Sez  Mike Kato    Page 3. One more Gaijin Community, this one in Cyberspace.   Daniel Saito Page 6. TPC ex-president writing from India. Pat Hughes   Page 8 The secrets of PC maintenance and troubleshooting.    Mark West   Page 10 Problems with your printer? Dr. Simon Page 11 Shopping in Akihabara:  learn how to shop cheap from the man who knows it all.        Sigi Rindler (Mr. Akihabara)  Page 12 The Englishman in exile, David Parry shares the secrets of  Windows with you in  the Ionic Column. David Parry  Page 13 Ben Miller, Austin Hicks and Yasuaki Kudo join the ranks of TPC Executive members. TPC’s new Multimedia Director, Austin Hicks