August 1999      Release 16.8 Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC Users  group On  QuicKeys  Computer Utility By TPC’s  new executive member   Ben Miller.   Page 3 TPC President has been gallivanting around the world for the love of computers.  Page  4 You win a powerful Gateway desktop if you be- come a TPC member!! ??    Peter MacMartin page 5 Beware of what is free or very cheap.  Mike Kato TPC vice-president.  Page 6 From India and from TPC ex-president now in India.      Page 8.   Pat Hughes Solve your PC problems.  Mark West.  Page 10 The Englishman in exile, David Parry shares the secrets of  Windows with you in  the Ionic Col- umn.  Page 13 How to build your own website, cheap.    Garry Wolff  Pae 15