Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC Users  group In  This     Issue :      The last Akihabara Tour by   Sigi Rindler, Mr. Akihabara Page 3 State of the TPC address Ken Cotton Page 4 Multiple monitors with Win 98. Roland  Hechtenberg Page 5 From Nepal Pat Hughes Page 6 Home Networking Andrew Hayes Page 8 Glimpses of TPC (Photos) Page 9 For your Information Mark West Page 10 The Year in Perspective Mike Kato Page 12 The Ionic Column David Perry Page 13 The Last 100 years (cartoon)) Ann  Colville Page 16 Cover  Picture Austin Hicks. Information about the club, meetings, newsgroups and the map to the meeting place Page 16 TPC Hotline: (03) 5956-7228 October 1999    Release  1610