Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC Users  Group In  This     Issue :   A Glimpse of the October   meeting  (Photo) Page 3 “State of the TPC” Address Mike Kato Page 4 From USB to SCSI with Win 98. Roland  Hechtenberg Page 5 Matrix On My Mind Film review Ann Colville Page 6 SIG Report James Gibbons Page 7 I am the new VP Andrew Hayes Page 8 Go find it!  Part-1   Mark West Page 10 Free Computers …… Ken Fermoyle The Ionic Column David Perry Page 13 How I learned to ...(cartoon)) Ann  Colville Page 16 Cover  Picture and Inside Graphics Austin Hicks Information about the club, meetings, newsgroups and the map to the meeting place Page 16 Voicemail: (03) 4464-6251(New) (03) 5956-7228(old, (soon to be discarded) Website:    http:// November 1999   Release  1611 Annual General Elections  October 1999: Ken Cotton Passes the Mantle to  Mike  Kato Tony Whitman Decides to Stay as the Treasurer Andrew Hayes  Takes Over as  Vice - President