Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC Users  Group In  This     Issue :     Pat Hughes’s Last of the   Century Page 3 Last Akihabara Tour of The Century Sigi Rindler  (Mr. Akihabara) Page 8 Last SIG Report of the Century James Gibbons Page 7 Go find it!  Part-II  The Last in.. Mark West Page 12 The Last Ionic Column of the Century David Perry Page 13 Last Cartoon of the Century Ann  Colville Page 16 Cover  Picture and Inside Graphics Austin Hicks Information About the Club, Meetings, Newsgroups and the Map to the Meeting Place Page 16 Voicemail: (03) 4464-6251(New) (03) 5956-7228(old,  (soon to be discarded)  Website:    http:// December 1999   Release  1612 TPC’s Hands On Workshops in Akihabara The Last Akihabara Tour   of the Century