Algorithmica  Japonica The newsletter of Tokyo PC Users   In  This     Issue :     Hear From TPC’s Popular Ex- Prez and Present APCUG Representative  Ken Cotton        P. 3 Read the Presi- dent’s  Account of What is Happening   Mike Kato,          P. 4 When is a Game not a Game?  ….. TPC Vice-President    Andrew Hayes   P. 7 The First Akihabara Tour of The   Millennium   Sigi Rindler (Mr. Akihabara)  P. 8 For Your Informa- tion   Mark West        P.   6 SIG Report for Jan Sajjad Zaiidi     P. 11 The Ionic Column   David Perry      P. 13 What’s That Buzz? Andrew Shuttle- worth                P. 15 Babbitton of the Month   Ann  Colville    P. 16 Cover  Picture and Inside Graphics Austin Hicks Information About the Club, Meetings, Newsgroups and the Map to the Meeting Place  P. 16    February 2000   Release 1702          Voicemail:            (03) 4464-6251          Website:     http:// Where We Learn About Computers and Solve our Computer Related Problems