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Publisher Parlays AJ Volunteer

into Paying Job

Kevin Ryan, publisher of the AJ, was just accepted for a part-time job at a leading web-based English Language Teaching site and email newsletter. His experience with the AJ and the TPC were definite plusses in his being chosen. Kevin's job as AJ Publisher required him to work closely with Mike Lloret the editor. The closeness could be measured in electrons, as collaboration each month kicked into high gear the week before the monthly meeting.

        The two usually go through 3 to 5 versions to get the content and layout right. Kevin was mostly responsible for the layout and the final look of the AJ, Mike for what it said.

        Their interaction as noted by others on the Executive Committee was low-key. They have been blessed with a surfeit of contributions in the form of articles and reviews throughout their tenure. Kevin estimates that he spends 3 to 5 hours on DTP each month. He especially enjoys the FTP connection to the tokyopc server, where he exchanges versions with Mike.

        Kevin notes, "I wish I could stay on. This new job is exciting but not working with the committed people at the TPC, and especially Mike, will be hard. I'll miss the building of the AJ each month, seeing it grow through the versions. I'll also miss being the second one to read the articles. I will be looking forward to seeing what the new Publisher can do. If you have some DTP experience, this is a great opportunity to hone your skills, and maybe even get a job."

        Kevin will begin editing the newsletter, with over 12,000 subscribers and help in adding content to their website in September, with his efforts coming out starting in October. He is a bit nervous at the large number of people that will be reading and commenting on his new output, but realizes that the best test-bed for this was the AJ.

If anyone is interested in the Publishing position, please contact Mike at

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August, 2001

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