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Remembrances of a great friend...

Stephen Campbell
Tokyo PC Founder and President
October 2001

Capital M

y dear friend, I wish it were not true
That I would be writing this about you.
The month that we met I do not remember
March, July or September?
In the back of the room a fellow quite thin,
You stood away from the crowd and the din.
I walked over to say hi,
The look in your eyes told me you were a helluva guy!

Roger you said was your name
Certainly not a seeker of fortune or fame.
Quiet and reticent you first were,
To many you would appear to demur.
Little did I then know
How our friendship, it, would grow.

Following that evening at the Tokyo PC
Frequently it was you that I would see.
As I recollect, I think it a stitch
On a PC you did not know the red switch.
But, that too was soon to pass
As information and knowledge you would amass.

Capital I

t happened over more than one beer
The decision to join McKinsey became clear.
The task at hand turned out be
Far more than you at first could see.
Never afraid to work circuitously or hard
For every system crash or memory loss you just installed a new card.

The boss soon recognized who they really had
Roger Boisvert was the computer Sir Galahad.
The promotion to Consultant was evidential
For this gentle Canuck had vast potential.

It was at Toshiba that he landed
For this gaijin appeared even-handed.
He counseled, persuaded and guided them out of the dark
To become a player of world class mark.
Nothing would cause Roger to stop
Until Toshiba announced their laptop.

Capital T

he enthusiasm for this type of work began to wane
And the corporate strictures clouded Roger's window pane.
I was always astounded at what you did see
A man of great vision you had grown to be.
Thus propelled to found
The first, in Japan, ISP around.

You were new at running your own store
I knew you could have sold it for more.
But, I later learned this was not the point
Once again you would run your own joint.

"GOL it is called", you by phone so clearly said,
"I need some help or it is dead."
As a friend and coach for hire
I said, "Yes" and jumped into the fire.
Only then the whole story did you confess;
Oh, my goodness, we did have a mess.

We dreamed, we talked, we schemed and we conspired
And lo and behold the bad guys were acquired.
Alas, GOL was yours to polish and to grow
For its hallmark was to serve not just to show.

The Germans were interested you said to me
But old monopolies just would not pay the requisite fee.
In due course new money was found
And Global OnLine grew by a leap and a bound.
A small fortune was here to be had
For that Internet guru...thrice Sir Galahad!

Capital N

ever a person to stand very still,
You saw a need for those with a will.
CTR was conceived and given birth
To fill a vacuum in the technology girth.

Unfortunate for us all, your journey came to an untimely end
For Dear Roger, my brother, you were truly a very dear friend.
I can wallow in sorrow over this loss;
But, then, to the wind the lessons you taught I would toss.

I bid you adieu mon frere,
C'est tu, mon gran ami, Rogér.

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Algorithmica Japonica

November, 2001

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