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From November 19th the following English or Japanese computer courses are being offered in Ogikubo.

    ·       Windows introduction: Basics, e-mail, internet
    ·       MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
    ·       Homepage: Personal/Professional homepage construction
    ·       Programming languages: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, JavaScript,
            Perl, C/C++
    ·       Web authoring applications: Dreamweaver, Fireworks
    ·       Customization: Special courses tailored to individual needs

All courses come in English and some in Japanese (currently Widows introduction, MS Office courses and VB/VBA). They are for beginners as well as for those with a background.

Course hours are flexible and can be selected from within these time frames: Mon - Fri 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and weekends/public holidays all day. The courses start every day and trainees can study as long as they want. Before enrolling there will be a detailed information session for every trainee so the goals and scope for the intended study can be discussed and determined.

Weekend intense power crash courses are offered as well. Here trainees take alternating pairs of 2 hours normal class, followed by 2 or more hours of solo study over a whole day or weekend. This way of studying has proven to be highly efficient. While trainees study in small groups with 2 to 6 members, each member will study their course at their own speed.

During course hours each trainee will be provided with a computer that contains the course materials. Trainees will get continual support while studying.

The courses are built on years long teaching experience and are suitable for intense study as well as just getting an overview the trainees choose how deeply they wish to delve into the subject. There will be little to no traditional lecturing and the trainees use the training modules which focus heavily on immediate application. The courses are structured in such a way that they are not too easy and not too difficult but always just right for the current level of skill, so the trainee interest is kept high while studying. Fostering trainees who are confident they really master the material and retain it is one of the main course goals. Trainees are offered lots of hands on exercises with full solutions combined with brief and clear explanations and numerous completely worked out examples.

While trainees will mostly be busy with the course exercises they will be encouraged and supported to invent their own exercises and, if possible, work off course hours.

Start and course hours
From November 12th, Mon - Fri from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sat & Sun all day. On Sat/Sun crash courses will be available: alternately 2 hours supported course, then 2 hours working alone without support for a whole day or weekend. The hours for working alone will be charged at „500 an hour.

The fee for people taking the courses through the TPC would be „1700 per 60 mins per trainee. Trainees would be asked to pre pay 10 hours. The courses last indefinitely, trainees can take as many hours as they want but hours must be taken in increments of 10. Prepaying packages will be at a discount of 1600 per 60 mins for 20 hours and 1500 per 60 mins for 30 hours. Groups will be 2 to 6 participants at a time. Group discounts can be negotiated.
For more details: Tel. (03) 3220 - 7427

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December, 2001

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