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Edit Pro Lite v4.4.1

By Disk Librarian Mike Kato

It's tiny, at 793 KB for the full executable, powerful, starts in the System Tray, and is absolutely free for non-commercial use. Can be upgraded to the Professional version, which costs $39.95. This price is somewhat steep, when the Lite version does most of what you want and expect at such a comparatively low price.

The Pro version is also available for a trial download, which disables some of the better features. The Pro version, too, is very tiny, at 1.161 Mbytes. One of the better features of the Pro version is its native support for various programming languages, making it a spectacular editor. The languages it supports are:

  • C/C++ source code
  • Eiffel source code
  • HTML
  • INI files
  • Java source code
  • Pascal/Delphi source code
  • Plain text with clickable URLs
  • Python source code
  • SQL queries (InterBase and Transact-SQL (SQL Server) dialects)
The Lite version, though, suffices for most things. It supports such small, but important, things, as date and time stamping (shown above), line numbering, word wrapping, and one of my favorite features: file reopen memory of 15 files. Another very good feature is the automatic text wrapping of HTML files in the display, even if word wrapping is not selected. Also, multiple files open inside of the application, and never add applications to the Windows Task Bar.

A really great application! Edit Pad Lite and Professional are published by the aptly named JG (Just Good) Software, and can be downloaded at the following URL:

Please send your comments and suggestions for disk of the month to me at:

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June , 2002

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