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The Tokyo PC Users Group maintains a small news server to facilitate unmoderated communications among its users. There are some simple guidelines for their effective use. There are several ways you can participate:
Three Ways to Participate-- all access the same information!
Point your newsreader to to read along. Select the left column in the table below to sample a newsgroup.
There is a simple web interface to the newsgroups (see the middle column below) for people who can't use the news interface. You can also use the web interface to search for specific words.
Mailing Lists
The newsgroups are connected to mailing lists which will Email you each message in your subscribed groups. Learn how to subscribe.


Search words:
(the search will list articles that contain all of the search terms)
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Via NewsreaderVia the WebDescription
0/0/0tpc.listtpc.listTPC meeting and event announcements
Member only groups (members can write to for access information)
 tpc.clubbiztpc.clubbiz club business
 tpc.webmasterstpc.webmasters TPC electronic presence
 tpc.vendor-newstpc.vendor-newsspecial offers to TPC members
 tpc.newslettertpc.newsletterdiscussion about the club newsletter
0/0/0tpc.hardwaretpc.hardware computer hardware and peripherals
0/0/ computer software
0/0/ help and tips for running Windows
0/0/ general help
0/0/0tpc.mobiletpc.mobilePDAs, mobile phones, mobile internet access and related technologies
0/0/0tpc.webtpc.web web authoring: HTML, CGI, databases, scripting
0/0/0tpc.internettpc.internet latest internet tips, hot web sites, new tools
0/0/0tpc.internet-accesstpc.internet-accessanalog, ISDN, Cable, xDSL, ISPs and related hardware and software
0/0/0tpc.unixtpc.unixUnix, Linux, *BSD, GNU tools
0/0/ reviews of the latest in computing (HW, SW, books, etc.)
0/0/ computer and set-top games
0/0/0tpc.telephonytpc.telephonyinternet telephony, gateways, communications techniques
0/0/0tpc.mactpc.macMacintosh, iMac, iBook, G3, Apple
0/0/0tpc.javatpc.javaJava programming
0/0/1tpc.programmingtpc.programming all programming topics
0/0/0tpc.lanstpc.lans local area networks, switches, routers
0/0/0tpc.multimediatpc.multimedia audio and video production and playback
0/0/0tpc.isdntpc.isdn ISDN terminal adapters/routers, cable internet, xDSL (archives only, see tpc.internet-access)
0/0/0tpc.pilottpc.pilot PalmPilot and other PDAs (archives only, see
0/0/ DoS, Virii and general security (New)
Tokyo and Japan
0/0/ basic life in Tokyo and special events
0/0/0tpc.japanesetpc.japaneseJapanese language, study, tools, and resources
0/0/ buy and sell ads
0/0/0tpc.shoppingtpc.shoppingbargains around Tokyo and the web
0/0/ jobs wanted or available
0/0/ where and what to eat
0/0/0tpc.chit-chattpc.chit-chat uncontrolled mayhem
0/0/0tpc.humourtpc.humour funny stuff
0/0/0tpc.investingtpc.investingelectronic investing and banking
0/0/0tpc.bookstpc.booksdiscussion of books in general
0/0/0tpc.moviestpc.movies the latest on the silver screen (or at the video store)
0/0/0tpc.traveltpc.traveltravel destinations and tips
0/0/ health and medicine
0/0/ making and listening to music
0/0/0tpc.earthquaketpc.earthquake be prepared

Last updated: Wed Aug 15 18:02:02 2018

Newsgroup Guidelines

The Tokyo PC Users Group Newsgroups (NG's) are a public forum provided for club members, guests, and site visitors to discuss issues, find help and resources on a variety of topics about computing and life in general.

The newsgroups are not moderated. We expect that the membership will not act boorish, and that as guest posters, you will also respect and use common if not gracious behavior. No foul language and no character assassinations, please. Keep your comments on topic and not personal. Should anyone be offended by a posting, you can bring it to the attention of the group at, however you cannot expect a personal response.

Your use of this public forum necessarily discloses your email address to all others who use the forum. Companies or others who collect email addresses can collect them from postings in the TPC NG's. This could result in you receiving unsolicited email. While the TPC does not condone this type of activity, neither can it prevent it from happening. Your understanding is appreciated.

TPC frowns on the use of aliases or bogus email addresses. If you're using one in the newsgroups, it's very likely that your comments will be ignored -- if you won't identify yourself, why would anyone listen to you?

Having trouble setting up Microsoft Outlook Express as a newsreader? Andrew Hayes and Ken Cotton have put together some screenshots showing how to configure it for the server.

Report any problems or suggestions to
Tokyo PC Users Group, Post Office Box 103, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150-8691, JAPAN