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April 2000 TPC Workshop Summary

Cross-platform Networking

At VCN on Tuesday, April 18, Andrew, Sajjad and Gary hooked up Windows, Linux and Mac platforms for our benefit. About 11 people attended.

Specifically we had Apple, Windows NT, Windows 98, and Redhat Linux machines linked through a hub. Andrew Hayes mainly oversaw Windows, with Gary Kellenberger working Apple and Sajjad Zaidi on Redhat Linux. Actually, we went through numerous hubs as the three before the last were problematic for various reasons - broken fan or lack of LEDs, etc.

For Apples, Gary introduced us to a program called Dave - which is downloaded on the Apple and allows Apples and Windows machines to see each other. It is shareware from However, after installing, make sure the correct date is configured or you may, as we did, wonder why you can't see the other machines. Check out if you are interested in Mac with Windows networking.

Platform independent DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) was run from a separate Linux server to automate IP addressing. Linux machines will need to run the Samba program, which allows it to see Windows computers.

We also did other "relevant" things like listen to mp3s and talk about violent computer games. Lessons learned were that things usually never go perfectly in network configurations and that it is often simple things that cause the most problems. But if you keep plugging away, things usually come together, as our respective experts actually did get all those platforms communicating with each other and sharing resources.

Get in there.

James Gibbons

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